Monday, April 25, 2011

The BTIB Dream Film Cast

Today, I hope you'll come visit me over at So Many Books, So Little Time, where I talk about my dream film cast for my book and show you photos of chicken suits. And I'm going to take this opportunity to run some errands and POSSIBLY hang up those pictures that I bought about two months ago.

How embarrassing.

I'm talking about the pictures, not the chicken suit.


DJ D. said...

Greaet cast and the last photo was hilarious. :-) I really like Abigail for Kate and for Aaron I kept picturing the guy from Mean Girls, the one Lindsay's character liked. Wasn't his name Aaron, too?

Carrie Harris said...

Glad you liked it, DJ! And will I get lynched if I admit that I haven't yet seen Mean Girls? I just haven't had the TIME!

DJ D. said...

You haven't seen Mean Girls?? Well, we'll have to fix this soon. Haha.