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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SLJ...and Taking Applications for Enemies

I'm happy to report that the lovely people at School Library Journal said that BAD TASTE IN BOYS is "filled with light humor along with a silly, gory edge that will make readers laugh, rather than cringe." I love you, SLJ people! I pelt you with glitter and happy noises.

Anyway. There are developments behind the scenes, people. And one of those developments emailed me the other day to ask if I had any surprising mortal enemies. I was very embarrassed to confess that I don't! I NEED SURPRISING MORTAL ENEMIES. I am now taking applications in the comments. Wouldn't you like to be able to say, "Yeah, I'm the surprising mortal enemy of a crazed YA writer"?

I know I would. I wonder if I could be my OWN surprising mortal enemy...

Ack! Blogger posted this early. Which might have something to do with the fact that I pushed the button telling it to post instead of saving the draft, but let's blame it on Blogger anyway.

So. I will select one surprising mortal enemy from the comments, who gets bragging rights AND a signed copy of BAD TASTE IN BOYS. Make me laugh and it could be you. I'll choose the winner on October 5th, shortly before I leave for a REAL WRITING RETREAT. Which is awesome.


rebeccaenzor said...

I make a really good surprising mortal enemy, but I like you too much and I've already won a copy of the book from you :) So I feel it wouldn't be fair to all those OTHER AWESOME surprising mortal enemies out there for me to enter the contest ;)

Jessica said...

Oooh! Oooh! I want to be a famous writer's surprising mortal enemy...I vow to fully support you online (as I already!) and yet, sekritly, when no one suspects, my jealousy (as an aspiring writer, of course) will prevail and...well I can't ruin the suspense.

Oh. BTW - it might involve Richard Simmons in some way. Should I mention that??

Mandy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I would love to be a surprising mortal enemy.

I could slink around the interwebs and leave snarky comments when you least at expect them. With smiley faces so as not to come of too mean, but more underhanded. I see lots of anti-glitter bombs and the opposite of zombies, which I guess, just be regular people, ha ha ha!!

I won't let you down!!!

Mel rob said...

International surprising mortal enemy here! >:)
My to do list:
I will stalk you everyday.. ('cause that's what mortal enemies do, of course!)
Start wearing around a shirt that says: I'm Carrie's mortal enemy, and I love zombies and sugar lips.
Then I'll phone you, asking for Carrie A. Tune. (lame, but still evil!)
And make even more pranks *evil mind at work*
You can call me Madon Frigid, your mortal evil enemy. bwahaha *cough cough* *choke* bwahaha
Oh, and one last thing, I may feel bad about all of the above, so I'll bake you a cake with bright green frosting, and a few zombie fingers for the filling, you want vanilla or chocolate?

Overall, I make an excellent surprising mortal enemy >;)

Tere Kirkland said...

Wow, what an honor. If I'm chosen as your mortal enemy, I promise daily food fights, sharpened popsicle stick duels, and floggings with Richard Simmons' sweaty workout shorts.

Cuz that's just how I roll.


Sherrie Petersen said...

Sorry, I can't apply for this job. I'm far from being your enemy :)

BTW, I went on a writing retreat a couple weeks ago and it was made of awesome. Hope yours is just as good!

lyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lyan said...

Curse you Carrie the writer..... I will forever more be your moral enemy

You will destroy all of my evil schemes and ill yell.....

Ageeeeenntt cccccceeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Lyan mora

Tere Kirkland said...

Forgot to tell you that Blogger didn't post this early. That one was all me, baby. Mwah-ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

I could just burn your house down while the kids are at school.

I'd be a lazy mortal enemy, but I'm a fan of quality over quantity.

Chen Yan Chang said...

I would make you watch this music video every single hour of your life:

Be careful. The orange tans might blind you.

Yes, I'm evil.

jadedlittlegirlx AT gmail DOT com

Vivi said...

Oh me, me, me!! I've always wanted to be someone's mortal enemy! I'd be like a hacker mortal enemy. Sign you up for the Walker Texas Ranger and Fabio fanclubs. Make you "like" things on Facebook. I'd start rumors in the blogosphere that I saw you out and about wearing Pajama Jeans and a Bump-It!!!

You're afraid of me. I can tell.

Janet Johnson said...

I would love to be a surprising mortal enemy! I'd leave banana peels in your driveway when you weren't suspecting it, and talk about how dead your zombie's are.

PLUS, everyone thinks I'm super nice (not bragging here), so my mortal enemy-ness would be all kinds of surprising.

And hee, hee, hee, I've got all kinds of song lyrics I'd send to you daily so you have it stuck in your head ALL DAY. Songs like "this is the song that never ends . . ."

Oooh, you will rue the day you got me as your surprising mortal enemy.

P.S. Is it possible to do a Chinese water drip through e-mail? I may have to look into that one . . .

storyqueen said...

Well, if the role of mortal enemy going to be taken by someone (lots of funny in the comments already) then can I apply for Arch Nemesis?

I mean, yeah,so, not as dangerous as a mortal enemy, but we could shoot each other glares across a room or something like that.

and I think that an Arch Nemesis would have some kind of a gadget.

I like gadgets.

kate said...

I just thought I'd comment to let you know I have requested your book from my library system and am planning on reading and reviewing it for my halloween related reviews for the month of october

I'll link you my review but first I need to read the book XD

Kelly Polark said...

What if David Hasslehoff is really your mortal enemy? Would that make you sad or ecstatic!?
Your book is next on my TBR list. I'm just finishing Elana's and I can't wait to read and laugh with the zombies!

Beth S. said...

Will have to quote from SLJ when I talk to my principal about you coming to our school for a visit. Though I will have much more fun explaining your "contract" about working for ice cream. :)

ATU said...

I don’t think I’ve ever been anyone’s mortal enemy… pick me, pick me!!!

I could be Dr. Evil … no that’s already taken… damn you Mike Myers! But, the Dr. part is legit so we can keep that. I really am a Dr (no, not that kind of doctor, a PhD). What would be a good name? Since my degree is in Epidemiology (the study of disease), I could be Dr. Ris K. Factor and I would go around pretending to be your friend who gives you helpful advice on how to stay healthy when in fact I would really be advising you to expose yourself (ha! ha! Snort… ahem) to all sorts of risk factors for nasty diseases. OR if you wanted to be your own mortal enemy (because aren’t we all our own worst enemies?) I could still be Dr. Ris K. Factor, but instead of pretending to be your friend who gives you helpful advice on how to stay healthy, I really could be your friend who gives you helpful advice on how to stay healthy. But, since you’re your own mortal enemy, you would do the opposite of everything I tell you thereby exposing yourself (snort…ha! Ha!) to risk factors for nasty diseases.

Huh? Huh? What do you think? No? You don’t get it? I know, I know… it’s too geeky. Nobody gets the epidemiology humor…our comedic skills are truly underrated.

Pabkins said...

BEWARE and cringe in fear for I am the true mortal enemy!!... I have locked my sister in the sweat shop and we will create a hoard of vicious plush zombie creatures to invade every aspect of your life... ALL UNDER MY COMMAND!

While brushing your teeth a frog zombie will jump on the tube of toothpaste, squeezing minty freshness out all over your best blouse! When going to the fridge for a snack...POW - piggy zombie will have eaten everything in order to wet his appetite for you...his possible midnight snack! While driving your car my roadkill zombie minions will chase you down and eat your tires costing you hundreds of dollars in replacements not to mention the charges in realignment! The barbie zombies will steal all of your best costumes and all your clothes!! I will strategically place zombie roosters outside your windows and within your walls to wake you anytime you try to sleep.

So lets recap shall we? Your hygiene will suffer, you'll be unable to eat, unable to escape, you'll have no clothes, and sleep will always evade you. If you concede now I will leave you your eyes and fingers to read and write with..since I'll obviously need more books.

you've been warned!!! *cackles madly*
TLabunski ((*gmail*))

Yes gives us the precious...

K.C. Shaw said...

Oh, man, I've always wanted to be SOMEONE's surprising mortal enemy! Would I get to wear a cape? And, like, carry laser weapons?

I would totally be surprising too, since I loved your book and think you're awesome. No one would expect me to secretly work against you! Like, if you came home one day and your living room was filled to the ceiling with stale, burnt popcorn (JUST ONE EXAMPLE!), you would never think, "Oh, that must be Kate, my mortal enemy." You would probably think, "Wow, I must have a mortal enemy, but NO WAY could that be Kate, who thinks I'm awesome."

I am now examining my eyebrows in the mirror. I may be deluding myself, but I think they resemble Batman's eyebrows. And I can totally talk to Richard, Richard Simmons's agent about him becoming my sidekick. Although I should probably be cautious about that, since he might be MY surprising mortal enemy, only pretending to be my sidekick while secretly working against me on your behalf.

I don't know. This is really complicated. It might be too much work.

Jackie Parker said...


S.B. Stewart-Laing said...

I'd make a badass mortal enemy, for I come equipped with full-on Scottish kit (claymore, sgian-dubh, kilt, the works...think Braveheart without Mel Gibson). I can run a 6-minute mile. Also, I have a nasty right hook.

The surprise comes in the fact that I'm a generally nice, cake-baking, kitten-snuggling Christian statistician (I even have a dress code at work that mandates my interchangable grey slacks and striped shirts). Just don't get me mad.

You Know Who said...

Oh, Puddles.

Pabkins said...

I came back to read more about the other would be mortal enemies....*cackles madly while peering around* zombie food the lot of you! Fill the plushie zombie wrath!

Ok now to eat some cookies.

Scillius Maximus said...

Feel bad for your new mortal enemy. Them having to deal with the R2NAS . . .

Miss K said...

I clicked on your link because I was excited that we are both Cybil judges. Then I read the entry and thought, "The only thing better than bragging about judging something with a famous author is to be mortal enemies with a famous author!" Pick me!

Tamara said...

Well, if I was your mortal enemy I woooould... stop talking to you on twitter, wouldn't name a character after you in my WIP,I'd put zombies in your way all the time, I'd pop up when you're least expecting me with a prank, and I WOULD BURN ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS, meaning Bad Hair Day would be a goner, along with Book 3 and everything else you have.
BUT, the wailing sessions we have over twitter would stay. because, DUDE, WE GOTTA HAVE THOSE ;)


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