Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's ALIVE!!!

I'm not sure whether I'm talking about myself or my blog, but either way, I feel like running around, wildly waving my hands in the air, and screaming, "It's alive!!!!" You can join me if you like. Especially if you're at work. (Although I'm not sure you should be taking my advice on what to do at work. After all, I AM the girl who once paged herself over the intercom and told herself to report to her desk. I didn't listen to me, because I'm rebellious that way.)

So. I'm alive. And so much is going on that I'm reduced to making one of my infamous bulleted lists. (They're infamous in my head, anyway.)
  • It's official; there will be a paperback version of BAD TASTE IN BOYS!!! So if you're one of those paperback people, or one of those overcrowded bookshelf people, or one of those tight on finances people, or one of those collect every edition of books with puking in them people, you should get one! It'll ship on June 12, 2012, but it's available for pre-order now. It'll be like a Christmas gift to yourself, only in June.
  • Do you read Amber's blog? She emailed me about bacon-covered Hasselhoff. I think that is the most awesome idea ever.
  • Mark your calendars, because I'm going to be at ConFusion in Troy (Michigan Troy, not Aegean Troy) next month! And I will be wearing the zombie shoes. Or the werewolf shoes. Or maybe one of each.
  • I am working on a sekrit project of awesomeness that involves the lovely Aimee Carter turning herself into a talking Abraham Lincoln. I get the giggles just thinking about that. Almost as much as I giggled when she took me to Breaking Dawn last week.
  • Here. Have THIS. Because it is awesome and so are you. Bloop. Boop. Boop.


Lori M. Lee said...

Heeey, does that also mean you get a new cover for the paperback? That's always fun :D (although I LOOOVE your cover so I can't imagine it being any more awesome)

That music video is hilarious XD

LinWash said...

You and Aimee Carter?! I am so there! This project should be awesome! Goddesses and zombies together?

Tere Kirkland said...

Con-fusion? Sounds like fun. I think? ;)

Ooh, if there's a new cover for the paperback, that would be interesting to see!

Carrie Harris said...

Lori: I think the paperback is going to have the same cover. It makes me want margaritas. :)

Lin: I know, RIGHT? What goes better together than goddesses and zombies? They're like chocolate and peanut butter. Or chicken and telephones!

Tere: I hope so. Unless it's a bunch of people wandering around and looking lost, in which case I'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

The paperback should include a spoof picture of you with bacon on your lips instead of (or in addition to) sugar.

Hmm. Bacon wrapped around glasses for margaritas?

Also, bacon covered Hoff brought about images of hairy, hairy bacon. THAT brought back memories of working in a butcher shop.

See, when you order whole slab bacon, it comes to us as basically just a slice of a pig's belly area. Complete with hair....and nipples...and then we peel the skin off with our hands, leaving the bacon....for you to put in your mouth....

Vikki said...

Okay, totally snorted at the whole paging yourself to your desk thing. A place I used to work, we decided it would be fun to end every page with "in accordance with the prophecy". So, you'd hear things like, "Bob Jones, you have a client in the lobby in accordance with the prophecy". Yeah...we got into a little bit of trouble. Bob Jones didn't find it funny.

Oooh,you're gonna be in Troy!! Perhaps I'll drag the hubs and kids out for some fun!