Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Books? How About EIGHT?

It's been a while! These days, I spend most of my time on work--writing books and also working as a freelance ghostwriter and gaming consultant--although I do love my Twitter and Facebook. If you'd like to chat with me on the regular, I hope you'll reach out to me there. As much as I've loved blogging in the past, this space has really become the Big Announcement space and not the Chat About Random Things space it used to be.

You know what that means, though? It means that I'm here with a Big Announcement! The past few years have held a lot of upheaval for me in the professional space. I left my day job in the gaming industry and devoted myself to jumpstarting my writing career. It took some time and a heckload of effort, but I finally have the first batch of news to share!

I sold eight books over the past couple of months.

I'm about as shocked as you might expect, which is really shocked. I'm not sure it'll feel real until I hold them in my hands. But yeah. Eight new books in print, and they'll be coming to you fast. Let me tell you a little about them.

First, we've got the Supernaturals of Las Vegas series, with an accompanying paranormal romance collection. If you've been following my social media, you'll know that I took a dip into writing adult paranormal romance under a pseudonym a while back. The series digs into the dangerous lives and passionate relationships of the paranormal residents of Sin City. Each book brings you a different couple--including vampires, were-scorpions, angels of death, faeries, and more. These books aren't for kids--they're definitely adult romances, although the heat level is fairly mild. I love action and adventure and danger, so they're jam packed full of those things too.

The fine folks at Inked Entertainment have picked up the series, plus eight PNR novellas that are perfect to read over your lunch break or any time you'd like a complete story but don't have the time to finish a whole book. The novellas will be published in a collection called Tryst, and all five of the books will be available in print as well as electronic formats. They've designed brand new covers for them that are pretty smoking hot if I do say so myself.

These books will come out in Spring of 2020, which is right around the corner! I'll update you on the details as they become available.

But that's not all! I also have a new epic fantasy series for adults, which I'm cowriting with Connor Ashley, also for Inked Entertainment. The Assassin's Revenge series is a three book epic about an assassin who isn't exactly what she seems. I've really loved writing about Larina, who uses strategy and intelligence to survive in a dangerous world. She really understands the mental aspects of conflict, and that's been super fun to write. You'll get to meet Larina, her smartass drakon Zemora, and more in the first volume, The Crown of Blood and Fire, which will also come out in 2020.

And look at these gorgeous covers. I cannot decide which one's my favorite, which is a good problem to have.

I'll tell you more about these as we get closer, too!

I'm really grateful to David and Debbie at Inked Entertainment and Kate Testerman, my super agent at kt literary. And to all of you for sticking by me. I hope you're as excited about these new books as I am. I've been flailing around like an excited muppet for the past few weeks!


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