Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blurbs, Whales, Shotguns, and Perviness (Just another day in Carrieland)

Last night, I asked my book to blurb itself. This makes a lot more sense if you're on Twitter. If not, it will only make sense after you know that I made some offhanded comment that my book should tweet, and it would say things like, "Why does this lady carry me around her house all the time? SOMEONE SEND HELP!!!!" Then I went on a weekend trip to visit family, and when I got home? I found out that my book was tweeting here.


It was actually pretty awesome, and the anonymous book blogger behind it all is getting a big old thank you from me in the mail. Which, BTW, has been slightly delayed by the untimely demise of Helsing, my van. I am attempting to get him started today so he can go to the garage for a generous application of holy water.

Anyway, that poor blogger probably threw a fit, because then my book tweeted, "I should blurb myself!" And I said, "Yes, you should!" Because wouldn't it be cool if books blurbed themselves? I can just imagine walking past MOBY DICK on the shelf, and hearing its little voice: "It's about WHALES, you perv. Quit giggling."

When you walk past BAD TASTE IN BOYS on the shelf, you can imagine it saying this:
Hilarious, scary, awesome, smart and kind of sexy, I am all of these things. You should read me. *cocks shotgun*

Awesome, huh? *whispers* We're trying to get it into therapy to address some of those pesky violence issues.

In other news, I have another REAL blurb from the uberty-awesome Tom Sniegoski that compares my book to BUFFY. And he should know--he worked on some of the Buffy books! ZOMGSOCOOL. You can read ze blurbs and get all the preorder links HERE.


Megan Bostic said...

Carrie, you rock! Glad to know this funny, talented, full of awesomesauce woman.

Unknown said...

Wait, Moby Dick is about a whale? ;)

Those blurbs are amazing and I can't wait to read the book. When I'm finished reading, I might frame your cover and hang it on the wall, because it's so freakin' cool.

Regina said...

Carrie that was a great post. I love blurbing books. Those lips on the cover do a lot of talking. I don't remember the shotgun, but probably because I was screaming. It's here!

Matthew MacNish said...

It would be especially awesome if books could actually do those stage direction asides that are often set aside by asterisks.

*imagines having a book point a shotty at him, gasps*

storyqueen said...

I am embarrassed that I am so slow....van Helsing....hahahahahaha!

I am not on twitter....but I am tempted to get on just so I can follow your book.