Monday, January 3, 2011

My Winter Vacation

Welcome to 2011! I'm a little excited about this, because now it feels like my book is going to debut SOON. Which of course it isn't, but at least we're in the right year now. :)

The Harris Herd had a really nice winter break. We didn't go anywhere unless you count Toledo (which I don't--I lived in Toledo for a while so I'm allowed to say that). But we did some fun things. Like...
  • I finally convinced my seven year old that I'm cool. I taught him how to say, "Monkeys might fly out my butt" in German. I don't speak German, mind you. I just collect funny sentences in foreign languages.
  • One of my daughters made up the most awesome song. One of the lines was, "I love vacation more than you; no wait--I love you more than vacation."
  • I played a board game that required me to spin around screaming, "I am the eye of the hurricane! FEAR ME!" I rather enjoyed it.
  • For Christmas, I got a pair of red velvet werewolf heels and a zombie tote bag that says, "Dead friends" on it. I LOVE MY HUSBAND. HE IS THE SHIZ.
  • We spent New Years with my closest friend and her husband, who I have affectionately nicknamed The Electric Lovitz. We stayed at their house and talked nonsense and laughed like idiots. (Okay, maybe that last part was just me.) It was TOO FUN. Like, as fun as the year that we went out for New Years and partied with Warrant.

But now it's back to writing, which I'm rather excited about. I have LOTS of fun stuff up my sleeve, some of which I hope to be able to share with you soon.

So that's what I did over my winter vacation. How about you?


Cicely said...

That sounds like THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. End of. ;)
(p.s How DO you say Monkeys might fly out if my butt in German... It astounds me how you know these things ;p)

Shanyn said...

Happy New Year! I spent mine traveling around Michigan, which, as you know, is rather thrilling. We did have a thunderstorm though, very exotic!

CKHB said...


This holiday we found my husband's old lightsaber at his parents' house. Then we taught my daughter how to say:

"I will not fight you, father."
"I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

She has an excellent natural fencing stance!

Tabitha said...

Well, we didn't learn cool monkey phrases, but we did go to India (my husband is from there, and all my in-laws still live there). Everyone stared at me like I was a freak show because we were in a town where tourists just don't go, but it was still nice. Though I'm determined to learn a few phrases before we go back next the next time some kid yells "Hey look! White girl!" I can yell back "Hey look! Indian boy!" in his own language. :)

Kelly Jensen said...

There's still a place at the dinner table for you, AND there's no longer snow so we don't have to worry about you hurting yourself with your six inch heels !!!

You're only 7 months away from the big day :D

Unknown said...

MOVIES! I was off the entire week between Christmas and January 1, and I think we saw a movie every night. I also played a new board game - but it sadly did not require me to spin around.

Unknown said...

Carrie ~ I did a TON of revisions on my WIP. It was great to be off work so much so I could focus 100% on the beautiful beast.
I spent time with family.
Watch Despicable Me--Twice.
Drove in a snow storm.
Ate a lot.
Saw Tangled with a friend.
Bout it! Glad you're back. I've missed you cute face (or your cute writing rather). Hehe

Carrie Harris said...

Cicely - Ask me sometime in person. Sadly, I learn all the sentences phonetically. I have no idea how to spell it!

Shanyn - You are a brave, brave person. That's all I've got to say.

CKHB - The photo will come, grasshopper. I PROMISE.

Oh, and my son actually broke a lightsaber over a ninja's head. FOR REAL.

Tabitha - How cool that you got to go there! And if you learn how to say, "Hey look, Indian boy!" will you teach me? I don't have a sentence in Hindi!

Kelly - So. Tempting.

Melissa - Oooooh. Hope you saw some good ones!

Julia - YAY dedicated editing time!!!! I hope it was FRAWESOME.

K.C. Shaw said...

You have the funnest sounding life ever. MY mother never taught me to say "Monkeys might fly out of my butt" in any language.

One of the things I remembered on Jan. 1 is that this is YOUR YEAR! I can't wait for your book. :)

Jules Ausborn said...

Your husband is the coolest. Duh, I knew that, you are both the coolest!!

I'm so excited to know your book is around the corner!!! Woohoo! Can't freakin' wait!

Abby Minard said...

Sounds like you had so much fun!! We had a great holiday as well- really relaxed and not too hectic.

Hanna Banana said...

Well, my winter break was not nearly as exciting. Except for maybe wrapping presents until 2 am and getting up at 6 am (cuz I just had to have a shower before my spawn woke up). Or maybe it was watching my 12 yr old open his gift that we decided to call "The Serial Killer Kit". What else do you call it when he asks for rope- 1 feet please, machinery materials, a hole punch, fabric, nails, wood... the list went on and on.

Hanna Banana said...

I meant to type 10 feet not 1 lol.