Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Things are chaos in the Harris house. I'm sitting here with a plastic hand, a roll of tape, a big package of leather, and a to-do list the size of Kansas. This kind of thing always seems to happen during the summer, and I plan for it but then am surprised when it actually happens. Apparently, I am a card-carrying member of idiot-ville.

But things are still happening behind the scenes, which saves me from the need to feel guilty over it. In fact, one of those things will happen TOMORROW! You should come back and see it!

But in the meantime, I'd love to hear from any of my fellow overwhelmed-by-summer people. We could form a support group or something.


Vikki said...

Can that support group meet at a bar? Where they also serve cake? If so, I'm in!!!!

storyqueen said...

We are not at the summer point yet. School is still in session and I feel kind of like the plastic hand you are sitting on.

Yes. I need the support group.

Anonymous said...

So many books to read, art to draw a costume to make, stories to write things to plan

I'm right there with yeah XD

Anonymous said...

Okay... I think I'll probably be stopping by tomorrow, then. If it's in caps, IT'S GOTTA BE GOOD, RIGHT? ;)

Karen said...

Color me intrigued... What's the plastic hand for?