Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Book Birthday, Goddess!

Today's the book birthday for The Goddess Legacy by Aimee Carter! WOOOOOOOOOO! Before I go out to B&N to purchase my very own copy and not-at-all-subtly try to convince people to read it, I want to tell you a story in which I look very stupid (probably because I AM very stupid).

So Aimee was working on this book, which consists of five novellas. And as it often goes, she had a deadline nipping at her heels as she wrote. And I figure, "This is a great opportunity for me to seem like an awesome friend while sneaking an early peek at her book! It will SEEM like I'm providing an awesome service, but really, I'm doing it so I can taunt people with all my knowledge! MWAHAHAHAHA!" So I offered to read them as she wrote and give her some critiques.

I read them and loved them and squealed about them and taunted all the people, and you'd think that would be the end of the story, right? Well, the book became available on NetGalley, and Aimee says to me, "You have to take a look at the interiors of this book! HERE!" and sent me a link. And I'm all, "Uh....okay," but it kept getting pushed back on the list of things to do, and I figured they'd be prettier in person, you know? But finally, I opened the book, and I flipped straight to chapter 1, which was decorated with some very pretty swirlies. And I said to her, "So I looked at the book, and you're right. Those interiors are really pretty." But secretly? Secretly I thought she was a little nuts or maybe had a secret swirly fetish. And who am I to judge, but the whole thing seemed pretty silly to me.

A few weeks ago, we got together with some fellow authors who will be banding together for the Written in the Mitten tour (in Ann Arbor on August 17th, Livonia on August 18th, and Lansing on August 19th!), and at one point, she turns to me and says, "You never did open that book, did you?" And I'm all, "Yes! Of course I did! It has pretty swirlies in it," and the whole time, I'm thinking, "You swirly fetishist, you. Not that I'm judging, because who am I to judge?" And then she says, "Because you totally missed the part where I dedicated it to you."

Then I felt like such an ass, and I must have looked completely shocked and dismayed, and she probably thought it was because I'd missed the dedication, but mostly it was because I'd spent all this time thinking she was a secret swirly fetishist. And maybe she is, but she's a secret swirly fetishist who writes some great books, and you should totally read this one. When you get to the dedication, feel free to think about what an ass I am.

Man, I really do still feel like an ass.


Sandy said...

Oh don't worry about it :). You pimped up the book and you are pimping it again, so what if you didn't see the dedication and thought of her as a swirly fetishist, swirlies are fabulous.


Beth W said...

LOL! That's priceless. :)

I was totally impressed by The Goddess Test, and can't wait to continue reading the rest of the series!

Carrie Harris said...


You'll love it, Beth! SO SO GOOD.

Marsha Sigman said...

Wow...what an ass.lol

One of my friends put me in the acknowledgement section of the front of her book and it completely floored me. I don't think I've ever felt so honored or so unworthy. But she can't take it back now.ha

And I LOVE these Goddess books. Totally addicting.