Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekly Reading Recap

I haz been exercising my library card. What haz you been doing?

So the short version is that I'm reading 50 books this summer, because I am crazy. And I've already talked about books 1-6, so here are my most recent reads with representative lolcats because why not.

7. Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne
This is an apocalypse book about a bunch of kids stuck in a store during, well, an apocalypse. Except you don't know a whole lot about the apocalypse because they've locked themselves inside, so I think the summary might be a little misleading. It's more about how the kids deal with the stress of being locked up together with little info about their families. At least they didn't get stuck in a shoe, because that would have been embarrassing.

8. Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor by Stephanie Barron
I've read a lot of Jane Austen inspired stuff, including the one where Jane is a vampire (still not entirely sure what I think of that), so I figured I'd give the Jane Austen as detective series a try. I'm not sure I buy the Jane-ness, but I enjoyed the mystery, so I'll pick up the next one.

9. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
I spent the first 50 pages not knowing what the heck was going on, and the last 50 pages frantically reading to find out what was going to happen. The middle of this time travel drama was a total blur. Highly recommended to people who like a big old slice of life with their sci-fi. The confusing bits will eventually start to make sense, although you really start wishing people in the future had cell phones.

10. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by R.L. LaFevers
THIS BOOK IS HAPPY MAKING. I had a huge Egypt mania when I was a tween, and I would have loved the crap out of this book and walked around pretending I was Theodosia sleeping in her sarcophagus and undoing ancient Egyptian curses. (Yeah, so I'm not a tween anymore, but I still did it anyway.)

What are you reading, and do you have any lolcats for it? :)


Liesel K. Hill said...

Those all sound interesting. You'll have to post how you like them. Funny pics too! :D

Marsha Sigman said...

I have also been using my library card a LOT. I'm surprised I haven't burned a hole in it.

I have read the entire series of House of Night novels. I think there are 9. And now I am on the sixth Vampire Academy novel. Oh, Dimitri. I do love you.

15 books in the last month? Actually more because I read a random one here and there too. I'm sure there are lol cats for every single one. But my eyes hurt too bad to look for them.ha

Vikki said...

Wow, the first book reminds me of the book I just finished, This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers. SO good, so dark, good zpoc novel, loved, loved, loved it. Now I'm on to something lighter so I can stop having dreams about being locked in my high school. Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein. I just started it, but the MC gets arrested on prom night. How can that not be good? :) I don't have any LOL cats, but I just found these ermahgerd animals that make me LAFF!

Bekka said...

I'm reading.. (drum roll) Bad Hair Day! Hahaha. Before that I read Hidden by Sophie Jordan, which was a let down. Also Defiance by CJ Redwine, another book I DNFed. And before that, Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal which I TOTALLY recommend. It was fantastic!

Side note: I'm pretty sure this captcha down there isn't a word but is actually an electrical outlet. Glaring at me.

Carrie Harris said...

Liesel: They WERE interesting. I think it's a matter of what kind of books YOU like--I've been trying to give a hint of what bits I enjoyed because I know not all books are for all people. Know what I mean?

Marsha: I own a few of the House of Night books, but I still haven't read the Vampire Academies. Hrm...

Vikki: Yes, Not a Test is totally on my list! I've heard so many good things about it.

Bekka: AAAAAAAA. NO PRESSURE. ;) Seriously, I hope you like it! And I'm going to check out Mothership right now.

Carrie Harris said...
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Katie Anderson said...

Interesting. I've been doing the same thing! Just finished Shadow and Bone, which was pretty good. But my fave so far was Sanctum by Sarah Fine in which there are these awesomely creepy zombie type people called the Mazikin. I think you'd love it. Good love story too!