Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holy Bleep!

For a baby blogger who talks a lot about balls, supernatural sexiness, and kartafflesalat, I have been incredibly lucky. My fab agent picked up on my dinner party blog entry, and she posted about it on her equally fab blog, Ask Daphne. I'm assuming that Trashionista picked up on it from there and then put up a post about it on their site. This evening, the wonder that is Google Alerts has notified me that the whole dinner party thing has now been picked up by Litopia.

Holy bleep! I'm going to have to start wearing sunglasses inside the house, because I'm f-ing famous-ish.

Which reminds me, don't let me forget to tell you about the time I said something so wacky that it made Tom Robbins take off his sunglasses. Because it is indubitably one of my shining moments.

Anyway, I'm mentioned by name around minute seven of tonight's Litopia Writer's Podcast, but please don't skip ahead to that particular minute because I've just realized two things about Litopia: the podcasts are pleasingly informative, and they are delivered by people with yummy accents. They are quite worth listening to, even the ones that don't talk about me.

So anyway, I'm just excited to have people reading and linking and all that sort of thing. And feeling all grateful. And all sniffly and Sally Field-esque, because you like me! You really like me!

Don't sell that Kleenex stock just yet, because I'm getting all verklempt here. Thanks, peeps. Seriously.


PJ Hoover said...

You better stock up on sunglasses, baby! You are famous!
Yeah, I want to hear about the Tim Robbins thing.

Carrie Harris said...

Thanks, PJ. I feel a little silly getting excited about this, but then again, I also get excited about really good potato salad recipes, so it's pretty much established that I'm over-excitable. Thanks for humoring me!

Cate Gardner said...

Tim Robbins, as in the Tim Robbins? Come on, spill the beans.

Carrie Harris said...

Sorry, TOM Robbins, as in super-cool-author-guy. It's a long story; I'll spill later on this week. :)

Donna Ballman said...

Hi Carrie.

I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast. Not sure I have a yummy accent (flat Midwest meets Florida meets something or other) but Peter and Eve certainly do. You should hear the ones we get on Litopia After Dark on Fridays.

I certainly enjoyed your party guests post, which is why I picked it up. I also linked it to The Write Report blog,

Keep listening to the Litopia podcasts!

Donna Ballman

Carrie Harris said...

I will definitely do that, Donna. Thanks for visiting and for the links!

Oh, and I really should have invited Superman. How could I have forgotten?