Monday, July 25, 2011

Night of the Giving Dead LAST MINUTE STEALS and bidding giveaway!

It's the last day to bid on many Night of the Giving Dead items! The closing time is noted on each item--we have things closing at noon, 2P, and 4P, all EST. And there are some huge steals to pick off that are going for much less than they're worth! Go here and look for the items marked STEAL and snap them up before someone else does! Don't let someone outbid you at the last minute!

I'm also giving away a 100 page critique to someone who bids today. Entries will be calculated based on the dollar amount of each valid, unretracted bid. So if you bid $20, you get 20 entries. If you bid $100, you get 100 freaking entries! This critique is FREE and doesn't require you to win anything! All you need to do is place a bid to be entered. I'll be drawing the winner around 4:30 EST today, so get those bids rolling! Remember, every dollar goes to sick kids who need a good book to distract them!

To help motivate you, here is a picture of my head on David Hasselhoff's body.



Caroline Starr Rose said...

Scary Hairy Carrie.

Marsha Sigman said...

Tell me those are your hands too.

'Cause otherwise Hoff has girly hands.

It's killing me not to keep bidding for your critique, it's the one I most wanted!!! But I have to be financially responsible.
Which really sucks.

I did win Kiki's though so I am not totally

Carrie Harris said...


Marsha--I totally understand! There's a random crit up for grabs today; hopefully your financially responsible self will nab it! And Kiki is AWESOMESAUCE, so you're in great hands. :)