Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ninja Love

Ninjas deserve kickass a theme song, so I wrote one. Only I still had “Jungle Love” stuck in my head. It could be worse. I could have written one to the tune of “I love you, you love me,” from Barney.

Anyway, here’s the original song, just so you can appreciate its inherent ninjaness. Warning, there’s some adult language in this clip, so please don’t watch with your mininjas.

And here are the words to the new ninja theme song: NINJA LOVE.

I… I’ve been watching you
I think I wanna throw ya (Throw ya)
I… I am dangerous
Girl I want your henka (Henka)

My ninja love (gogyo gogyo go)
I think I wanna throw ya (Throw ya)
Ninja love (gogyo gogyo go)
Girl I want your henka (Henka)

You… you’ve got a pretty sword
I think I wanna hone it (Hone it)
I… do things a little dangerous
Get into a fight with a hundred guys
Huh… (Ninja love) Look out!

Oh (gogyo gogyo go)
I think I wanna throw ya (Throw ya)
Ninja love (gogyo gogyo go)
Girl I want your henka (Henka)

Come on baby, where’s your do?
You wanna fight me or what?

(Gogyo gogyo go)

I… wanna take you to my dojo.
Lock you up and take your cowl.
(Gogyo gogyo go)
You… will have to take me down
I wanna see you kick me in the mata.
(Gogyo gogyo go)

My ninja love (gogyo gogyo go)
I think I wanna throw ya (Throw ya)
Ninja love (gogyo gogyo go)
Girl I got henka (Henka)

Hey Sensei! Now Kunoichi! YES.

And now it’s time for your ninja terminology for the day

Henka: Variations on a single technique.
Gogyo: A series of techniques based on the five elements.
Do: Pronounced more like DOH and less like DO. It has a lot of meanings, but the one that seems to fit best in the song is movement or motion.
Mata: Crotch.
Kunoichi: Female ninja.

Yeah, kunoichi rock the casbah. We even get to wear cute purple gis with red belts, because we like to look nice while kicking your butt twenty different ways. I use the term "we" lightly, because I haven't trained in a long time and am proud that I remember how to fall down.


Jamie Eyberg said...

Morris Day rocks! That takes me back to 1984.

Kelly Polark said...

I love the movie Purple Rain. I love the your version of, "Jesse, Nnow Jerome, Yes...". Cool new lyrics, ninja girl!
I'll be humming this throughout the day, which isn't a bad thing!

Michelle D. Argyle said...


That made me snarf. :)

Scillius Maximus said...

Love it! Might have to forward it on up the chain.

And thank THANK YOU for not doing it to Vanilla Ice's "Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!" from TMNT 2.

We only play that when someone's thinking about committing seppuku, and they need something to help them along. ::shudder::

K.C. Shaw said...

I now vote you "blog most likely to get a forgotten song stuck in my head." This is not necessarily a bad thing.

That song would be a YouTube classic if you recorded it and made a video of ninjas fighting to go with it. I dare you!

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Hi Carrie,

I know you're in the middle of Ninja Week, but I thought of you as soon as I saw this article:

Fox Lee said...

For some reason, I now have Tainted Love stuck in my head. I blame you for this.

SlayerOfBees said...

I think the more fitting definition of "Do" in the context of those lyrics is: samurai armor.

Did I ever tell you that you're a nut?

Ray Veen said...

If you do make a video, can I play guitar? Or do I have to prove I can beat people up first?

Laini Taylor said...

wow, there is some serious ninja love going on over here! I LOVE that ninja audition tape. What the hell? I just sent it to Jim. Sure he'll love it too!