Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wanna Win a Contest?

Did you know that BAD TASTE IN BOYS is one of the featured titles over at the Class of 2k11 this month? That means that you can recreate the cover OR mash up my title with another book (and oh boy does that invite inappropriateness) and WIN FABULOUS PRIZES.

If this writing thing doesn't work out, I should totally because a game show announcer.

There are lots of other titles out there that you can recover or mash, too. Checketh out the instructions here. Just think, all you have to do is make a cover or mash some titles, and you could win a 2k11 ARC or new release!

*drops streamers on your head*

So! Email those new covers and titles to streetteam@classof2k11.com! I've already seen one new BTIB cover that made me laugh my socks off. And now my feet are cold.