Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What It's Like in the Month Pre-Publication

Good morning, shambling hordes! Have you entered the six jillion BAD TASTE IN BOYS contests to win a free copy? Links are in yesterday's post if you haven't.

I'm afraid all I can talk about these days is work and writing and things, because it's pretty much all I've been doing. I set out the slip n' slide (so often that it popped), douse the kids in sunscreen (despite the fact that the sun isn't showing up too much these days), and let them go all crazycakes while I squint at the laptop and hopefully type in edits that make sense.

I just know my editor is going to get the manuscript and send me a note saying, "Carrie, what exactly did you mean by changing the title to THE TIGER AND THE MUMPH? Is this a joke?"

And I will say, "BAHAHAHAHAHA! You fell for it!" Because I'm all suave that way. Of course, now that this is out in public, I guess I just de-suaved myself.

So anyway, it's all work, all the time here at Chez Harris. Edits for BAD HAIR DAY, the next Kate Grable adventure, are due on Friday. I finished the last of my scheduled interviews yesterday. And I've got oodles and oodles of awesome things for you to bid on in Night of the Giving Dead, the celebratory auction of epic epicness, coming on July 11th to a computer screen near you!

Anyway, with all this going on, there's not much time to eat, sleep, or breathe around here. But I'm having a blast! Yes, it's stressful and scary and surreal and probably some other things that begin with "S," only not slimy. But it's so much fun to open my inbox and see that people are excited to read my book or like my blog or think I'm certifiably insane. I keep thinking this will all feel real when I hit the next landmark, but I still feel like I'm dreaming.

Which is quite plainly awesome.


Tere Kirkland said...

Carrie: YOU RULE. That is all.

Christine Fonseca said...

Carrie, I am just so darn excited for you!!!! And I agree with Tere! You DO rule.

Anita Saxena said...

What an exciting, yet busy time! Enjoy it! Can't wait to read it!

Vikki said...

I am so vicariously living through you (hope that's okay, I'll try not to make you itch or anything). I can only imagine how exciting all this must feel! You do totally rule!

(and holy hell, I can't keep up!! I missed all the linky-ness from yesterday...must go back...need more hours in day!!!)

Marsha Sigman said...

I'm still looking for Katie Couric.

Ok, not really. I'm pretty happy for you!!!! And I cannot wait to read your book!!!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for this book...and for you, of course. :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

Sounds like things are cooking over here :) (Though thankfully not your children thanks to the wonders of sunscreen!)

I can't wait to read this book! I'm so excited for you!

Carrie Harris said...

Tere: No, YOU RULE. Or maybe WE RULE. I'm all about conjugating the awesomeness. ;)

Christine: You're included in the WE RULE above, you know. Totes. ;)

Anita: Absolutely! And um...you rule. I feel like a broken record here.

Vivi: I do itch, actually. Right now. I have these bug bites, and I blame them on YOU.

PS--You rock.

Marsha: Who ISN'T looking for Katie Couric? I should put her in all my books. You and Katie both rock!

Kristi: Ouyay ockray. And you're nice too. :)

Sherrie: Your comment made me snarf all over my computer. YOU ROCK.

Anonymous said...

"It's so much fun to open my inbox and see that people are excited to read my book or like my blog or think I'm certifiably insane." Hehehe! Nothing wrong with being insane. ;)


Karen said...

After reading your blog for a few months, I CANNOT wait for BTIB. You are definitely twisted like a pretzel, in the best possible way!