Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Did For My Birthday

Here's what I did yesterday, which happened to be my birthday:
  • Ate bacon.
  • Got a pair of rain boots shaped like cowboy boots, which I am currently wearing...with my pajamas.
  • Read a couple hundred birthday messages on my facebook and tried to figure out if I honestly know that many people. Results were inconclusive; I ran out of fingers and toes.
  • Got a new iPod. The first song played on it was Thriller. Naturally.
  • Cried when I read my cards, because my husband either picks out the pervy cards or the tearjerker cards. ATTENTION, EVERYONE. 2011 IS NOT A PERVY YEAR.
  • Got massaged. One of my friends is the best massage therapist in the entire universe. I think she has cyborg hands, and cyborg hands are good. If you're ever in the Toledo area, I will refer you to her so you can see what I mean.
  • Read some awesome books. Like YOU KILLED WESLEY PAYNE, which is a noir mystery, heavy on the noir. It's the kind of book where you spend half of your time reading with a WTF expression on your face, and the other half squealing in amused excitement. Or maybe that's just me. The book's about the search for Wesley's killer, but it's also this scathing commentary on high school cliques. And there are Chaucer jokes and people weightlifting with meat. If you like lots of character development and deep, introspective dialogue, this one probably isn't for you. But if you like high paced, ridiculous, stylish crazeballs? (And yeah, that sentence doesn't exactly make sense, but it's still amusing...which is probably the best illustration of what it's like to read this book.) You'll love it.
  • Did I mention the bacon? No holiday is complete without bacon. I think we should throw a holiday bacon party.


Jessica said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a great day...oh, could you pass the bacon, please? :)

Vikki said...

happy (belated) birthday! Go bacon!

storyqueen said...

Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my daughter's birthday, too.

But, alas, no bacon.


Katie Anderson said...

ha! It sounds marvelous :)

Beth S. said...

I want to see a picture of the boots - pajamas and all. ;)

I fully support eating bacon on your birthday. My birthday is tomorrow and I'm making maple bacon ice cream in celebration. Actually, I'm not making it until the weekend because I have parent-teacher conferences today and tomorrow. The bane of having a birthday in the middle of November: parent-teacher conferences always seem to fall on my birthday.

Anonymous said...

A - EVERY year is a pervvy year.

B - Please stop suggesting bacon parties for every occasion.

C - Please start actually HAVING bacon parties for every occasion. By "occasion" I mean "day of the week." Who needs their heart to actually be able to pump blood through their circulatory system anyway?

Marsha Sigman said...

Every year is a pervy year in my house and every day holds the promise of bacon.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Boots look good with everything, even pajamas.

Tere Kirkland said...

A box full of angry squirrels is on the way to you now! They weren't angry when I put them in the box, but I assure you that a trip in the UPS truck will change that. ;)

Happy Birthday, Carrie!

XOXO, your dutiful nemesis, Tere

Myrna Foster said...

I knew that bacon would be on the list. :o)

Katie said...

Happy 364-days-early birthday in 2012!
(See what I did there?)
I approve of the bacon. When I went to Colorado for vacation, there was this one shop in Boulder (I think it was Williams-Sonoma) that sold cooking stuff. One large section of it was entirely devoted to bacon: bacon mayonnaise, bacon cookbooks, bacon aprons, chocolate-covered bacon, whisks shaped like bacon ... they had everything, pretty much.
I hope you get to go there sometime. And I hope the bacon display's still there. That's my birthday present to you: the idea. ;)