Thursday, March 15, 2012

ALL THE THINGS...complete with bullet points

People, there is NEWS. Some of it is even GOOD. A lot of it will be in OVEREXCITED CAPITAL LETTERS, but you're used to that, right? RIGHT. Anyway, there is so much news, that I will be breaking out the bullet points. For some reason, bullet points make me happy. Like, you can imagine depressed me going around and sticking bullet points on ALL THE THINGS and then miraculously feeling much better. Bullet points, they're miraculous.

Oh, yeah. The news. Here it is.
  • I have advance copies of BAD HAIR DAY! And of course I held them up in front of my face and pretended that I was the cover model. The book won't officially be out until November, but now I'll be able to give a few copies away in the meantime! And giving things away makes me almost as happy as bullet points.

  • It's Fug Madness time! If you haven't been reading Go Fug Yourself, it's a hilarious fashion website, and they're picking the fuggiest celebs of the year. The writers are snort-stuff-out-of-your-nose funny. Every time I think of the word "polterwang," I get the giggles.
  • Oh, if you're interested in BAD HAIR DAY, you can now preorder it from the major book retail websites! I'll be adding links to the website for this SOON. Alternately, you can visit the new Carrie Harris Books FB page, where there are all kinds of handy ordering links for the upcoming BTIB paperback and the BHD hardcover, and a deleted Kate and Aaron scene from BAD TASTE IN BOYS. And I'll be giving things away there periodically too.
  • Bullet points are miraculous. Did I mention that already?
  • There's a bunch of awesome stuff up for grabs at the Authors for Henryville site, including signed copies of BTIB and BHD (once it comes out). You should bid on something to help tornado victims, but please don't outbid me. I'll cry. ;)
  • ARG Zombies looks like the coolest game ever. I want to play it. But in the meantime, I'm training for THIS. And of course I will be volunteering as a zombie. As if you had to ask. I will need help deciding what kind of zombie I should be, though. HELP ME.

And now I'm hungry. Which has nothing to do with anything above, but I wanted to tell you anyway.


Bookish Brunette said...

Have I told you lately that I totally love your face?

Bullet points are super awesome right????


Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

What does a girl have to do to get an advanced copy for review? :)
I reviewed book one, does that help? :D

Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

Carrie Harris said...

BB: You HAVEN'T, but I forgive you. Also, you are awesome. ALSO ALSO, I owe you an email. :)

Maja: I emailed you! And you are awesome too! LOOK AT ALL THE AWESOME PEOPLE WHO VISIT MY BLOG!?!?

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

You know, I once offered my soul to the devil in exchange for an arc, but he laughed in my face and said that he wants souls he can actually corrupt. Apparently, I'm no challenge. :D

Unknown said...

Completely agree on bullet points are miraculous. Love the picture!

Mandy said...

so so so excited for BHD!!!

and yeah bullet points, they make lists fun!!!

Unknown said...

I think the next book should be about shrunken heads :)

P.S. Have you seen the Zombie Run app? I haven't checked it fully out yet, but it seems awesome!

Anonymous said...

What kind of zombie should you be?

- Nazi zombie. It just doubles the evil. Plus, I want to see Carrie Harris goose stepping after people in full Nazi regalia in the middle of an obstacle course. Preferably while wearing a Hitler 'stache.

- Pregnant/Billy Jean zombie. Not double evil, but double scary. Go after guys zombie-shrieking, "IT'S YOURS!" and they'll run right off the course.

- I saw a preview clip on the runforyourlife site, and there are water obstacles. Scuba zombie?

- Put one of the kids on your shoulders and be a Master Blaster zombie. [Side note that almost no one reading this will get: I want Gary to ride on Big Mike's shoulders so they can be Master Blaster for Halloween.]

- Richard Simmons zombie. 'Nuff said.

Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings said...

Yeah! Awesome! Love the new cover! So can't wait for this one!