Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That Time When There Were Lots of Contests

So I'm finally climbing my way out of the Valley of Time Suckery and getting back to the Blog of Procrastination, Which Is Really Time Suckery in Disguise. Or something like that, anyway. The point is that I'm back, and I'm excited to tell you a couple of things!

First, thank you all so much for participating in the Juicy Giveaway of Aimee Carter's Goddess Interrupted and my Bad Taste in Boys! I think you're all totally awesome. I especially think the following winner is totally awesome:

Memrie, the Totally Awesome!

I mean, of course she's totally awesome. It's in her name. Anyway, congratulations, Memrie! I'll be in touch pronto to make prize-ish arrangements.

Aaaaaaand, I'd like to talk to you about more prizey goodness. See, it's been a long time since I've given things away, and I like to do that, and it seems to me that maybe you like free things, so it's a total win no matter how you look at it, right? Plus, I'm hoping to clear out my stash of BTIB hardcovers, because the paperback comes out in June, and I'll need to make space for the stash of THOSE, plus the stash of BHD hardcovers, and THERE WILL BE LOTS OF STASHES. I think I need a new house.

So this is a very long-winded way to tell you that I'm going to open up a new contest TODAY. And this one is even bigger than the last. Woot!

The premise is simple. All you have to do is review Bad Taste in Boys. Now, I realize that it takes time to read a book and post a review, so I'm making the prize big. Like full YA or MG manuscript critique plus 30 minute follow up call with me plus signed BTIB hardcover big. And three runners up will receive 10 page critiques and signed BTIB hardcovers. During my pre-agented days, I used to get really discouraged because I kept bidding on full critiques in auctions and things, but I didn't have the cash to win. Here's an opportunity to win one without spending a dime!

Reviews can be posted on a blog, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or LibraryThing. (If you have a place you'd like to post that's not on this list, let me know!) If you've already reviewed the book, your task is easy! Just repost it in one of these places. If you've already posted it all those places, then you're automatically entered, and I think I love you. But otherwise, your review must be posted (or reposted) in April 2012 to qualify.

And if you haven't yet read the book, you've got a month to get your hands on it and put something together! This contest ends on May 3rd. The critique prizes can be redeemed any time in 2012, so if you're not done with your manuscript, you've got time for that too.

Also, reviews don't need to be positive in order to enter. Please, people, be honest! I'm wearing my big girl undies. But also please consider--if my book wasn't for you, am I the right person to give you manuscript feedback? I want you to get something useful out of this experience!

Lastly, this contest is open internationally, although I think we'd probably have to Skype rather than call. We'll work it out somehow.

I HOPE that I've covered all the bases, but if you have questions about the contest, please do leave them in the comments below. I'll update this post as questions come in. Enter via the rafflecopter below. Good luck, and happy reviewing!

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Kasie West said...

That is an awesome contest, Carrie! I will go tweet that for the world to see. And have I reviewed your book on amazon?? I think I haven't. Shame on me! I will remedy that now. (Not to enter the contest, but because I loved your book.)

Rebecca Enzor said...

If you've already read the first 50 pages but it's NOT a YA/MG book does it still count? *grins*

Carrie Harris said...

Kasie, you are la awesome, plain and simple.

And Rebecca, I would totally read more of that. TOTALLY.

Kelly Polark said...

Entered! Thanks for the great contest, Carrie!

Myrna Foster said...


Rebecca Petruck said...

I've posted to my FB page--TWICE! As well as the SCBWI Carolinas listserv. I know lots of writers who LUST a full MS crit.

Carrie Harris said...

Kelly, YAY! I'd love the opportunity to read your stuff. *fingers crossed*

Myrna: I hope that's a good wow... :)

Rebecca, you are la awesome, plain and simple.

Mary said...

What a great idea! More authors should do this (hey, I love reviewing fun books like yours but it just sweetens the pot that I might get the chance to have you give me some feedback on my own writing). Looking forward to reading BAD HAIR DAY!

Carrie Harris said...

Thanks so much for saying so, Mary! I'm really excited about it, and if it works, I hope to make it a repeat kind of thing! And thank you so much for the kind words about my book!

Wow, I'm overdosing on exclamation points again. :)

Becky Wallace said...

This is such a fun idea!!! Thanks!

Bri Ahearn said...

Hi Carrie. I reviewed your book because I wanted to get some reviews of books done, then I see this contest! I'd love to enter.. what if you have a MS that isn't done? May I still enter?

Carrie Harris said...

Absolutely, Bri! You have the rest of 2012 to redeem, so if you're not done, it'll give you a good reason to finish! Just remember--reviews need to be posted in April to qualify. If you reviewed before then, just repost it somewhere else and it'll count.

Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I don't think I'll have time to read it and review it before the contest ends. (Which bums me out, because I have a YA zombie book I'd love to get your opinion on!) But I will definitely be reading it! It sounds awesome.

Maria Mainero said...

Why did I wait until the last day to enter this? Hopeful and terrified that I might actually win.

Kate said...

What a fantastic giveaway! You are so generous!!

*crosses fingers*

Mandy said...


awesome giveaway and I got in just under the wire!! ha ha ha talk about procrastination!

You're awesome for all that you do!