Friday, June 15, 2012

All the Things

So! I have winners who will be receiving paperbacks, and one will get a mention in one of my upcoming books as well as the opportunity to name a character, but for right now, I'm only going to mention them by initials. Why? Someone pointed out to me that the winner might want me to name a character after, say, their BOSS and then feed them to a herd of hungry Yeti, and they might not want that screamed all over the interwebs. Or they might want me to name a character after them and feed them to the Yeti, in which case it'll be kind of obvious. But for the moment, I shall protect the confidentiality. Mostly because I want to feed someone's boss to hungry Yeti. It's all about me.

And the winners are...AH, BS, and NC! If your initials match those initials AND you entered the contest, quit reading this and go check your email! And then start thinking about Yeti fodder!

In other news, I finished the first draft of a new book on Wednesday! And then yesterday, I got the first round of edits on Demon Derby, which will be my third book. And in my spare time, I'm working with a bunch of other Michigan writers on a short tour, which I'll be telling you more about soon. Aaaaand I'm going to be contributing to the Bookish Brunette blog on occasion. You know, during my free time.

Also, this really cracks me up. Why? WHY NOT.