Monday, November 12, 2012

Monster Bash Winner!

So! Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment on all the Monster Bash posts. I probably had more fun writing them than any of you did reading them, if we're going to be perfectly honest here. Anyway, I'll be back with all the release day awesomeness tomorrow. (BAD HAIR DAY and BAD YETI release tomorrow! HOW DID IT GET SO CLOSE SO FAST?!?!?) But in the meantime, I've got one last outstanding bit of Monster Bash business.

The winner of the signed books.

Now I will confess that this year I had to CHEAT and draw two winners via, because the first one turned out to be ME, because I'd commented on a post and of course out of all the entries, it had to pick the one person who couldn't possibly win. But then it came back with a big old 64, and I was pretty thrilled to see that it's my new friend Kimberly, who made it a point to comment on every single Monster Bash post. Diligence pays, peeps. :)

So congrats goes out to Kimberly, and now I'm going to dash so I can plan ALL THE THINGS.



Unknown said...

0.0 I won? ::Squealing: Ahhhhhh! Thank you SO much Carrie! Ahhhhhh! :)

Lori M. Lee said...

Congrats, Kimberly! MAJOR ENVY! lol