Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things That Make Me Snarf...and Why That's Important

I don't talk politics here, because let's face it--there are smarter people than I out there who can make political analogies without zombie references. But I have to say one thing in light of recent events:

Sometimes, it's more important than ever to laugh. Sometimes, in the face of darkness, it's all you can do as you stand against it. Laugh defiantly. Laugh tearfully. Laugh delightedly. Evil doesn't like it when you laugh. This week more than ever, I've been seeking out things to make me laugh, and every time I do, I remind myself that there are things worth fighting for. And you can bet I'm fighting back. And laughing while I do it, just because the evil bastards hate that.


I can't watch this video without laughing until I cry. It's not safe for work or children, and it's ridiculous and inappropriate and just plain silly. If it doesn't make you laugh, seek out something that does, and please remember this holiday season that there are things worth laughing about...and fighting for. And thank you, as always, for taking the time to laugh with me.


Rena Jones said...

FUNNY! And yeah, I understand the part about laughing. My husband worked law enforcement for 20+ years and you just have to find humor in things or else you'll lose it. Outside of the field, others might not find certain things funny, but it keeps you sane.

And sane is good.

Anonymous said...

Liked the video :)

This one always makes me laugh. Not fit for children or work, of course.

You mentioned fighting back as well as laughter. Another of their videos is a bit long, but has not only an excellent and inspirational example of a warrior, but a couple other things in there I think you'll find interesting. Medal of Honor winner Roy Benavidez

Anonymous said...

gah! hilarious. just what my monday needed.