Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate

I'm hard at work today trying to make the last third of the Sally Slick plot to cooperate. And when I say "hard at work," I really mean it. I put my hair back, which in my writerly world is something like taking off one's earrings and getting ready to throw down.

Close, anyway. Although probably not as intimidating, because as one of my old friends told me, the only way I'd be intimidating is if I had self-aware breasts. I still don't understand that, but I quote it all the time because I'm hoping eventually I'll run into someone else who understands it and can explain it to me. Because is it just me, or would that be funny/disturbing more than it would be intimidating?

So. All boobs aside, I wanted to let you know that the SALLY SLICK print book is now available for preorder! This is the part where I explain why preordering is a good thing, so if you already read that in one of my earlier blogs, you can skip on down to the next paragraph and learn how to do it, because I'm all about blogstomer service. And if you haven't read it yet, let me explain! Preordering now gets you awesome things at a price that isn't guaranteed to stick around. For $20 (and this includes shipping), you get a physical copy of the book (once said book has been written and printed, which is likely to be late-ish 2013) and electronic copies of the RPG game that inspired it. We're talking an ungodly amount of gaming material. If you're not a gamer, this is a great opportunity to try it. These books usually cost about $20-$30 a piece to buy in the store, and you'd be getting about three of them in electronic format for free. And we're looking at getting you a few preorder only bonuses of the swag variety, but I can't say more on that because I'd just be pulling it out of my heinie. I'll tell you more as soon as someone tells me more, probably after someone ELSE tells them more.

So. If'n you feel like ordering, here is what you do.
1. Go to the Kickstarter.
2. Make your pledge. The EXPANSIONS level ($10) will get you electronic copies of the game and Sally Slick. The FRIENDS OF CARRIE level ($20-and I have my own level, GO ME!) will get you a print copy of Sally Slick and electronic copies of the game. More money will get you more physical copies and the envy of all your friends.
3. Celebrate by flailing like a muppet.


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