Monday, January 28, 2013

Zombie Pants! And other things...

So. Two final orders of business before we move on to something awesome that may or may not have something to do with carnivorous clothing!

First, this is the last time I'll talk about Sally Slick preorders, BECAUSE THEY ARE ENDING. I have to make a confession here and say that I almost always turn down the whole preorder thing, because I prefer to buy the book at my local bookstore once it comes out. GO LOCAL STORES! But because this is a game tie-in book, I don't quite know where it will be sold at this point. Gaming stores? Bookstores? A little of both? I HAZ NO CLOO. Of course I hope for lots of locations and will certainly work to make that happen! But the last thing I want is for you to run all over the place, not find the book, and think that...A) All the copies have been beamed up to the mothership. B) I was hallucinating the whole thing and need copious amounts of medication. C) I really work for the gas companies as part of a secret conspiracy to make you drive to lots of bookstores and buy more gas.

None of these things is true, although I'd be pretty flattered if the alien hordes wanted to read my book. Anyway, the point is that I wanted to make sure that if you want to read it, you're able to do so as easily as possible. One of the easiest ways is to preorder by going to this kickstarter and pledging $20, which includes shipping. You'll automatically get a copy of the book plus lots of freebies. I'll keep you posted as we know more about where you'll be able to get it.

Next, WE HAVE A WINNER of the GODDESS INHERITANCE ARC! Is it you? It is if your name is Aza S! Congratulations, Aza! Email me your address!

Also, this weekend, I got a copy of the Gorgeously Gruesome Zombies kit, with instructions on how to make your own undead army out of felt. I love me a good nerdcraft. There is a pattern to make a zombie venus flytrap, and it seems to me that this is exactly what the world needs. MORE ZOMBIE PLANTS.

Which I accidentally typed as MORE ZOMBIE PANTS. I think the world needs that too.


Aurora Smith said...

Zombie pants sounds like an awesome insult, if you ask me!

Unknown said...

I want a zombie kit! Has plans for a zombie army!!!

Marsha Sigman said...

I read Bad Hair Day last week. Completely hilarious, completely awesome!

Carrie Harris said...

I think "zombie pants" is going to be my new swear word. They say "pants" in England, right?!?

And yes, Cari, this is awesome. I'm going to make a felt zombie to go with my crochet zombies, and then ALL WILL BE RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!

Marsha? <3 <3 <3