Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Man of the Year

I'm just going to come right out and say it: MY HUSBAND ROCKS THE CASBAH! Let's pretend we all know what a casbah is and why anyone would want to rock it, shall we? Anyway, he's cool for a number of reasons, including the time where he saved me from a swarm of bees and that other time where I said, "Hey, would you mind cutting this watermelon in half with a katana for me on camera?" and he said, "Of course not!" I mean, seriously. He fruit ninjaed for me, and that's true love right there.

Of course, there's also the part where he inspired my last book, and the part where he survived cancer and then became a pediatric bone marrow transplanter. If I put his story--the whole, real, unvarnished thing--into a book, people wouldn't believe it. And I'm so happy when he gets recognition for all the awesome he's done, like today when his nomination for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man of the Year was announced.

Guys, I'm married to the potential Man of the Year. That makes me cool by association, right? RIGHT?!?!

Anyway, I wanted to do a couple of things. First, I just wanted to publicly squeal, "ZOMGMYHUSBANDISSOCOOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" So consider that done. I also wanted to invite you to take two actions in honor of this momentous occasion.
  • First, you can donate to cancer research and support the FRUIT NINJA FOR MAN OF THE YEAR campaign by visiting Andy's page and clicking Donate Now. I know money's tight, but this really is a tremendous opportunity to make a difference, and every little bit helps.
  • Second, you can help spread the word that survivorship happens! If there's a cancer survivor in your life, send me their picture, first name, and the type of cancer they survived to carrie at carrieharrisbooks dot com. I'll feature them on this website and in the DEMON DERBY book trailer. They're heroes. They deserve every bit of recognition we can give them, and there are so many people out there who need to see that there is life after cancer, and it can be AWESOME.
If you can do either or both of those things, that is beyond terrific. And if not, I totally understand that too.

I'm also trying to talk him into renting out his fruit ninja skills for parties. So far, he's resisting the attempts, but I have high hopes that it'll happen. I can be persuasive. And annoying. Eventually, people say yes to things just to shut me up.

And all joking aside, I am the luckiest person in the world.


gae polisner said...

congrats to BOTH of you. You are both uber awesome. A day worthy of cake. Which are the best kind. xoxoxox

Lola Sharp said...

Awww, congrats to his nomination!

And yaya for wonderful husbands everywhere. <3

Julia said...

Congratulations Fruit Ninja! And - Carrie, you are way cool even without the association! :)

Carrie Harris said...

All the sugar lip kisses to you, Gae. We need to catch up SOONEST.

Lola, I second that yay. Third it, even!

Julia, you are just the sweetest! How goes the revisions?

Anonymous said...

Of course he's the Man of the Year. No doubt about it!! And I love your squealing. Carrie I've never met you, but figures Andy would marry an awesome person! Congratulations!

Kate said...

Oops that was me, kate!!

Stasia said...

Okay, I know this wasn't the point of your post but your husband is an absolute cutie and your kids are adorable!

Natalie Aguirre said...

So happy that your husband survived his cancer. It sounds like an amazingly awesome story. And that's great how supportive he is of you. It's always good to shout out how much we appreciate our family (and friends).

Divya said...

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