Monday, April 8, 2013

The Post Writing Fun

So I finished Sally Slick and sent the manuscript off to critiquers. I'm not sure about other writers, but there's always a funny feeling in the Carrie Brain after I finish a book. I feel like the world has somehow shifted an inch to the right while I wasn't looking--everything's still where it's supposed to be but it all feels a little altered somehow. So in the spirit of distracting myself from the weirdness AND rewarding myself for writing all the words, I try to make the week post-book a lot of fun.

For starters, I went out and got a copy of Axe Cop. This is one of my favorite comics EVAR. It makes me snarf things out my nose, and this time I swear I'm not exaggerating. It's that funny, and the best part is that it's clean enough for me to share with my kids. It's written by a five-year-old, so yeah. I cannot recommend this book more highly--you can check out the web version to see more, but the book is definitely worth it for all the behind the scenes commentary. And right now, the illustrator of Axe Cop is offering a bunch of really cool artwork to help fund his upcoming wedding. Personally, I think this is a great opportunity to support a snarfworthy artist AND twue wuv all at the same time. You should check it out.

Also, I got a copy of a farging hilarious card game called WE DIDN'T PLAYTEST THIS AT ALL. It will live in my purse for the rest of eternity, because it's fast (like a couple of minutes per game), my kids can play it without my having to gloss over any complicated rules or pervy bits, and it contains ninjas, zombies, and kitten ambushes. Let me tell you, there's nothing funner than screaming, "KITTEN AMBUSH!" in the middle of a bar. I tried it. I'm an expert now.

The reason we were in the bar was so my husband could give a talk and then get his head shaved to help support children's cancer research. This is where I give you the obligatory reminder that he's raising funds for MOAR children's cancer research, and we'd both tremendously appreciate any help in donations or word spreadery.

I told them to stop cutting there, but they didn't listen.


Aurora Smith said...

That picture is so wonderful!

LinWash said...

I laughed out loud at one of the Axe Cop trailers. Never heard of that, but thanks for the shout-out. will have to investigate. So glad you got your book done and off to your beta readers.

uicheap said...

cool!!! great hair cut!

Divya said...

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