Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Kid Reviews Zeppelin Attack!

Disclaimer: I work for Evil Hat, the company that is producing Zeppelin Attack! This is awesome, because I often get an advance peek at new stuff. Although my son likes to give me credit for ALL THE THINGS, I really only worked tangentially on this game--I wrote material for the website and that's about it. So of course he likes it more than the stuff I actually worked on. Yeah. That happened.

Anyway, if you're interested in learning more about the game, you can check it out here. This is definitely a play-at-home family-game-night kind of game, since it takes about an hour. It's a little complicated for my seven year olds, but as you'll see, my ten year old is pretty jazzed about it. If you'd like to pick one up, you can get a copy via the Kickstarter, which is open through March 1st. Buying a copy there gets you some extra cards that won't be available later, and then you can taunt people with them.

ANYWAY anyway. The review:

Hi. I’m 10 and my mom helped to make this game. I like attacking games and this is the best one so far. I like this game because it makes you think what’s in the other player's hand and you build your army of zeppelins and attacks just the same as defenses. I like how you can get the fate points to buy special stuff. I like how the characters look. My favorite character is the Walking Mind because he looks cool and reminds me a little bit of a zombie. I like buying atomic stuff because there isn’t much stuff that can defend against it. So if you’re a kid looking to spend time with your family this game is definitely for you.


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