Monday, March 14, 2011

How Critiques Are Like America's Next Top Model

This weekend, I finally got to meet my crit partner Natalie Whipple and uber awesome ktliterary sis Sara Raasch. We had lunch, by which I mean that we took up a table for a very long time, ate ice cream and watched Natalie take a lot of pictures of a bathtub.

Not kidding.

Anyway. During our convo, we talked about a lot of things. And somehow we ended up talking about critique comments and how it would be much worse if people said those things on America's Next Top Model.

"It's a little draggy in the middle."

"This part really sags."

"I feel like this is really superficial."

"There's too much ooze in this! It grosses me out!"

Yeah, my current WIP has a lot of ooze in it. A LOT.

Anyway, what bits of feedback have you gotten on your manuscripts that would make frawesome comments on ANTM?


Unknown said...

Oh dear lord. The minute you mention ANTM I'm over here in a heartbeat to see how it relates! Hilarious!!!

The only thing that would kill me is if my crit partners can tell I'm not "smising" when I'm working... (aka smile with my eyes in case there are some non ANTM watchers here).

Aurora Smith said...

I like ooze. And I love this post. Its so true. But FB is also super helpfull. Even the saggys.

Aleeza said...

HAHA, im so with jen. anything with the word 'ANTM' in it, ill be there immediately. :D
anyway, i can totally feel you on the whole critique thing. i cant quite recall any specific critiques that tore my heart apart, but yeah, there have been plenty of times it's been hard. that's just how it is, though!

K.C. Shaw said...

You can never have too much ooze.

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

I don't have any frawsome critique comments to share, but the saggy one almost had me spitting my coffee everywhere. (Imagining someone on ANTM saying that to a model. ha ha.)

Abby Minard said...

Haha, yes those girls would be crying their eyes out if that stuff was said- although I can see Tyra totally saying those things to those girls.