Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Things

Happy book birthday to Lindsey Leavitt! You should check out the awesome interview I did with her over at the Elevensies. Where else can you read about He-Man, princesses, and Thriller all in one place?

Slayer has gone the extra mile to help me with my revisions. Last night, he attempted to put his shoe in the garbage disposal. It didn't fit.

How are you? No shoes in YOUR disposal, I hope!


Kelly Polark said...

Cool! I'll go check out the interview.
We don't have a disposal but I seriously just threw out some of my kids' old ratty gym shoes in the garbage.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha. Nope. No shoes in the disposal that I'm aware of - of course, with three kiddos, you never know for sure. :-)

Masonian said...

However, a soft shoe WOULD fit in a garbage disposal. Also, don't discount the suspension of disbelief if you ever write a "shoe in a garbage disposal" scene. People can be swept up into anything that is possible even if it's not probable--it's all in the talent of the writer. Right?

On a side note, I remember I utterly convinced a guy on the plane over to Kauai that once we got out of the main town we'd have to take horses to our destination.

He was all mad that he'd rented a car and I calmly assured him that it was a typical scam to renta a car for an island that only had one road through the main town, and that he'd be able to get them to honor the contract to cover horse-drawn carriages for the rest of the island.

so, people will follow into realms of improbability if you lead them well enough.


Elana Johnson said...

I'll go check it out. :)

Carolyn V. said...

None yet. Wait...I'll go check my disposal. =)

lora96 said...

Nope. I ran lemon rind down my disposal last nite so it is citrusy fresh and footwear-free. But that was very helpful of your husband. Mine says, "I'll look at it when you're done." with an increasingly burdened shrug.

David F. Weisman said...

The sun has come out, the weather is beautiful, and I have no garbage disposal. Let me count my blessings.