Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Putting My Birthday Gifts to Work for YOU

Today, I'm being interviewed by the lovely and gracious Kristi over at Sisters in Scribe. I admitted the truth about my first NaNo book and my old beret. Humiliating, but still true.

NOW. For my birthday, I got the coolest thing. It's a Monster High Frankie Stein Magic 8 Skull. You ask it questions. Like I asked it a question about the success of my WIP, and it said, "Frighteningly likely."

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Frankie. I really appreciate that.

You want the truth?

So I want to know, fair readers, what questions do you want answered? Ask any yes or no question in the comments, and I'll put Frankie to work for YOU and post the answers throughout the day.


Unknown said...

The Magic 8 Skull is awesome. My question is: once your book is released, do we need to worry about rampant mutant football-player zombie attacks?

Thanks so much for doing the interview on our blog today! :)

Jessica said...

Will Carrie continue to find such awesome and sparkly skull things in the future?

Unknown said...

I love this!!! Ummm... My question:

Will Carrie and I ever meet in real life?

Will the experience be life changing?

NOTE: Feel free to cheat and tell me what I want to hear :)

Carrie Harris said...

Kristi, the Magic Skull says "Mournfully good." I think this means yes. Or maybe it means that Magic Skull needs to lay off the sauce.

Jessica, Magic Skull says, "Frighteningly YES!" WOOT! More awesome sparkly skull things! I LOVE ASSTs! I'm also so glad you added the THINGS on the end of that, or that acronym would have been very embarrassing.

Jen, I think the thought of us meeting has scared the bleep out of Magic Skull. She says the idea of our meeting is "Frighteningly BAD." But it will be a "regrettably good" experience.

Yeah, Magic Skull really DOES need to lay off the sauce.

Who else has questions for my slightly saucy Magic Skull?

abby mumford said...

i'm going for the really hard question here because i want to test the magic 8 skull's true abilities.

am i the fairest one in the whole kingdom?

Lacey J Edwards said...

The skull is awesome! Thanks again for stopping by our blog and letting Kristi grill you. :)