Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Lure of Paranormal...and Popcorn

Thanks for all the name suggestions yesterday. You got me thinking, and I really appreciate it!

So. If you read my blog last year, you'd know that I was a panelist for the Cybils. I really loved doing it when I had the chance, not only because it gave me a nice excuse to read and talk about a bunch of books, but also because I met some awesomesauce people. Kelly is one of those people, and we talked for a while after Cybils but then life got in the way. Flashforward until a couple of months ago, and I said, "Hey, I've got this businessy thing to do; I'm going to use it to get back in touch with Kelly! YAY!"

Yeah, I totally talk to myself like that too. This is sadly not exaggerated AT ALL.

Anyway, we started talking again, and a few weeks ago, we had this conversation:

Kelly: Hey, I'm looking for someone to write a SERIOUS post for our librarian blog.

Me: I like librarians!

Kelly: Cool. We need someone to write about why you should read paranormal books.

Me: I like paranormal.

Kelly: Yes, I know. Would you like to write it?

Me: I like wombats too.

Kelly: Um...what do wombats have to do with anything?


Kelly: WHAT?!? You're confusing me!

Me: ...popcorn...

Kelly: My brain is starting to melt.

Me: So you want me to write a serious blog post? Are you sure that's wise?

Kelly: ....
Kelly is a brave, brave soul. Despite the popcorn debacle, she persisted. And now, a semi-serious post by me is up at the FABULOUS Stacked website. Hope you'll read and enjoy it!


Kelly Jensen said...

It's a good thing I read this at home and not, say, at work when it would be inappropriate to spit out my drink on the computer.

Not that it's appropriate at home, either, but it's more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Read your post over on Stacked. May I say - kindred spirit, just like Anne Shirley might say!

Hello, my name is Gilly and I am YA paranormal addict. Please sign me up for your 12 step program. Or maybe not - I'm not ready kick the habit! Also, I'm now looking forward to BAD TASTE IN BOYS, so I'll have to feed my habit at least until then. ;)

Larissa said...

I love you.

That is all.

Except that I mis-typed that as "I blove you," which might be better, no?

Unknown said...

Oh Carrie, you make me desperate to read "Bad Taste in Boys" every time I read a post or a dang awesome push to read the paranormal article. For heaven sakes just let the release date come like NOW! I enjoyed the article. Good luck naming your zombified penguins. Maybe name one Zeusette the Zombified Mythological Queen Penguin (she's female hence the "ette" after the Zeus). Ok, it is lame but totally unexpected, right?

Claire Dawn said...

I love this conversation.


I really want to run around screaming that now.

And nice paranormal post. I can't wait for BTIB. Must score ARC!