Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pretty Pink Ninja, Tattoos, and Missing Pants

This weekend, I saw a bunch of friends, including the Pretty Pink Ninja. (He's pretty! He's pink! He's sick of me making fun of him for ordering pink lemonade at restaurants!) Somehow, we started talking about people who wake up after a night of *insert mind altering substance here* with a brand new tattoo on their lower back, and what would be the worst one to have. The best one we could come up with is "I'VE GOT YOUR PANTS," for reasons that were really hilarious to us at the time. Of course, I had to google it. (The tattoos, not the pants. Although now that I've written that...nope. No one has posted pictures of that on the internet.)

Here are some other front-runners:

At least with this tat you'd know that the Hoff had your back, right?

I'm not even sure that a bunch of sparkles could redeem this. He looks like he needs medication.

And then there were bunches of tattoos that fell into one of two categories: disturbing and pervy or depictions of the Golden Girls. Frankly, I was getting a little disappointed at this whole tattoo thing, when I found THIS:

Zombie penguins are EVERYWHERE. Including on my bookshelf and decorating some girl's torso.

So...I want to hear your suggestions. What's the most horrible (PG-13, please) tattoo to wake up and find on your body?


Unknown said...

I think that Hoff tattoo would do it for me. ***Shudder***

Sherrie Petersen said...

Dude, they would have to be *really* wasted to get that much ink on their bodies and not realize it until morning!

Please tell me you don't have Richard Simmons looking down your crack...!

Hanna Banana said...

Yeah, I'd have to say if I woke up and saw He-Man climbing up my backside I'd need to put myself in a permanently altered state.

Carrie said...

I once had a fever dream that I had all the disney friends tattooed on my forearms and across my cheeks. I had to keep getting up all night to check that I was still clean. It has put me off tattoos for life. Nobody wants a duck without pants cavorting on their face, right?