Monday, June 20, 2011


Sorry for the unexpected hiatus. There was a lot of frustrated pulling of hair and even a few tears here at the Harris house last week. I may have also made a voodoo doll shaped like people who create computer viruses. And then I may have given it elephantiasis.

Actually, I didn't do that. But it's TEMPTING.

In the meantime, fun stuff has been happening, though! I got the first final copy of BAD TASTE IN BOYS! I even have pictoral evidence.

Eat your heart out, Jolie. My lips iz biggur than urz.



Also, the lovely people at Kirkus said BTIB is "a hilarious frolic, especially for fans of Shaun of the Dead." There's a full review here if you like to taunt yourself by reading about books that aren't out yet.

AND, today is the last day you can enter to win an ARC over at Goodreads. Get thee hence and enter, good peoples!

Um, yeah. Think I need more caffeine.


Kelly Jensen said...


storyqueen said...

Love the big lips pic!!

And Shaun of the Dead!! There could be no higher compliment.


Lindsay said...

Yay. BTIB looks so shiny *pets cover* And Shaun of the Dead = awesome!

LinWash said...

That's so awesome!!!!

Karen said...

It's a good thing for those bad computer virus people that those sparkly big lips didn't get at 'em!

Congratulations. I can't wait to read it.

Kelly Polark said...

YAY!!! I want sugary sparkly lips!

Bookish Brunette said...

You are TOO funny!!!

Stasia said...

You SO have Angelina beat!

Claire Dawn said...

Unfortunately not open in Japan. :( I'll just have to Om nom nom my Kindle when it gets out.:)

erica and christy said...

Very, very exciting! And I love the lips! Can't wait for your book! Christy

Ara Burklund said...

Congratulations, Carrie! Your cover looks awesome--it's really going to pop on the shelf! : )

Anonymous said...

Giving a voodoo doll elephantitis reeeaaally makes me want to post the scene from Breakfast Club regarding that same topic. The same topic....but...lower.....

YA Book Queen said...

Is the book as delicious as it looks?

Yay for the final (shiny) copy! :)

Marsha Sigman said...

LOL, love it and also loved Shaun of the Dead by the way.

Can't wait for this.

Anonymous said...

Um, Carrie, you seem to be eating your book...? LOL Did it taste good? Or too zombie-ish?

You must be so excited! Though I guess that's fairly obvious judging by the fact that you tried to eat your newly-arrived book.

By the way, I told my sister about "Bad Taste in Boys", and now she wants to read it. :)

Janet Johnson said...

So fun! What a cool feeling. And you look fabulous with huge lips! ;)

Jessica said...

LOVE. And Sparkles BTIB looks awfully to throw a snack my way...hee hee hee...j/k. So happy you finally got your finished copy - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Carrie Harris said...

Kelly: Your random line breaks crack me up right back, sunshine. :)

Storyqueen: I actually squealed when I read the Shaun comment. One of my favorite movies EVAR.

Lindsay: Thanks! I was so happy when I saw they'd put SPARKLES on it. Because we all know they make EVERYTHING better. ;)

LinWash: Thank you! And YOU are awesome too!

Karen: If I knew who they were, I'd totally send a horde of sugar lipped zombies after them. Srsly.

Kelly: That can be arranged... ;)

Bookish Brunette: Thanks! I'm just glad you didn't call the men in little white coats when you read that email!!!

Stasia: Good! Now I just have to walk around with this book in front of my face all the time!

Claire Dawn: I'm sorry! But come back Wednesday, and I shall help you. ;)

Christy: Thanks so much! It IS exciting--hard to believe it's almost here!

Ara Burklund: I certainly hope so! And I also admit to putting it on the shelf with a bunch of my other books, walking past, and pretending to buy it. NOT EXAGGERATING.

Anny: I am NOT surprised. AT ALL. Especially after the email you sent me yesterday. EEEEEEEW.

YA Book Queen: It IS delicious! I think that's how it should be marketed--BAD TASTE tastes good! And provides fiber!

Marsha: Too bad you're not closer. We're having a Shaun of the Dead party to celebrate the book release. QUICK! MOVE TO MICHIGAN SO I CAN INVITE YOU!

Taylor Lynn: I may have gotten carried away in those photos, huh? But it was DELISH. And thanks for helping to spread the word about BTIB!!! You have no idea how awesome I think that is.

Janet Johnson: It does look kind of good, doesn't it? Which is kind of...scary. ;)

Jessica: COME BACK WEDNESDAY!!!!! That's all I'll say about that!

Vikki said...

Oooooooh, it's so BEEEEE-utiful!!! I think we should write Apple and urge them to make an iPhone app with those lips. Then we can all talk with them! :)

So, so, so excited to read it! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe just a teensy wittle bit, Carrie. ;) And you're welcome, glad to spread the word! :D