Monday, July 18, 2011

Oklahoma lolzombie and today's features

It's the lolzombie of the day! I am working on one for Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, but that's TOUGH. But it's okay, because we have one for Oklahoma! Unfortunately, every time I look at it, I get that song stuck in my head, and I only remember about two lines of it. Hopefully you fare better than I did.

Now. Hopefully by now, you've heard of Night of the Giving Dead. And today, I'd like to point something out. Usually, critiques go for upwards of 500 buckaroonies. But because I put a slew of them up at once, these have been flying under the radar. They're a STEAL, peeps. Why not place a bid and get in on the action???

Quick! Quick! Get cracking before someone else snaps these things up!


storyqueen said...

There's a ton of cool stuff in your auction, Carrie!

Off to bid on a few more items...

Ray Veen said...

"sweeping down the brains" -- excellent!

Really looking forward to this weekend, lady.