Friday, July 22, 2011

Surprise LOLZOMBIE and the Night of the Giving Dead home stretch

And now, for the LAST LOLZOMBIE OF THE WEEK. I think it's probably obvious what movie musical this one's from!

And now, a quick reminder that many Night of the Giving items start closing on MONDAY, at times throughout the day. The newer items have an extra day for bidding to even things out a little. And don't forget to fill out the grand prize entry form--you won't be entered to win the Kindle or six month writing mentorship without it!

How about some featured items to carry us through the weekend?


Marsha Sigman said...

Ok, that's my favorite picture.

I'm waiting to bid until Sunday so I can get a better idea of how long my family will need to eat PB&J's for dinner.

Vikki said...

That might be my favorite, too. Do you think they have one with a zombie Tin Man? "If I only some braaaaaaaains!!!!"

The auction is causing me to hyperventilate cuz there are so many things I want to win! Think my husband would notice if I cashed in my 401k a little early?

Vikki said...

...ummm. that would be a zombie SCARECROW!

Sorry. Sleep deprived.