Friday, September 9, 2011

Come See Me This Weekend!

Whatcha doing this weekend? If you're anywhere near Southeast Michigan, come and see me at the Kerrytown Bookfest! I'll be on a science-fiction and fantasy panel with Jim Freaking Hines, Steve Piziks, and David Erik Nelson. It's Sunday the 11th at 3 PM in the main tent.

After the panel, I'll be signing books. AND...if you come to the event, let me know that you read my blog, and I will answer one insider info question about upcoming Grable books. (Although I retain veto power because I know one of you smartypants will ask to know the entire plot of the next book in detail. And then I will laugh.) Normally, I refuse to answer these things, so you will KNOW THINGS. And you will be able to TAUNT PEOPLE WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

Hope to see you there!


Aurora Smith said...

I wish I could goooooo

Lara Zielin said...

Homg, this is a feast of awesome if I've ever seen one! You go with your zombie self. I LOVED 'Bad Taste in Boys' and want everyone I know to have a copy.

Vikki said...

Oh, poop...I'd totally come and see you again, but I have the plague. :(

Beth S. said...

Grrrr... I really want to come but my sister-and-law had to go and want to celebrate her birthday tomorrow instead of today.