Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Cybils...and other things

I predict that my October will be full of EEEEEEHALLOWEEN and BOOKSBOOKSBOOKS. That's because, well, Halloween is in October and people look at me funny when I go all EEEEHALLOWEEN in January. And it's my favorite holiday ever. Which won't surprise anyone.

But I'm also all about the books right now, because I was lucky enough to be selected as a first round judge for the YA panel on the CYBILS! It's the only award (that I know of) where book bloggers can directly nominate titles and be a part of the process. And I'm serving on a hecka awesome panel full of speed-readers that I suspect might be cyborgs. (Attention fellow panel members--this is a compliment.)

Anyway, don't forget to nominate your favorite titles of the year for the Cybils! And then laugh maniacally at those of us who are crazy enough to try and read them all in the space of a couple of months.

If that's not enough excitement, I've also learned that BAD TASTE IN BOYS has been nominated for the ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list! Mystery-person-who-nominated-my-book, thank you so much! I'm making the EEEEEE sound again.

Get used to it. ;)


Kelly Jensen said...

I'm still STILL shocked we're doing this insanity together again!

(word verification word I got? ponskin. TELL ME WHAT THIS IS BECAUSE SURELY YOU KNOW!)

Carrie Harris said...

I was shocked until I stopped to think about who we are and realized that this level of insanity is pretty much expected at this point. :)

Janet Johnson said...

Very awesome (on both the book and the judge thing)! Best of luck with the craziness. :D

Pabkins said...

This is so awesome congrats!! I hope you have fun with it and don't lose an eyeball.

Pabkins @ Mission to Read