Monday, January 23, 2012


I have in my hands a typeset copy of BAD HAIR DAY, the next Kate Grable adventure. This is my final opportunity to make changes (and to argue that YES, bathmats can be made out of human hair) before it gets made into a real book that I can carry obsessively around my house and thrust randomly into people's faces.

I should also note that I just lied. Because if I was holding the pages right now, I couldn't type. But the pages are NEXT TO ME. I AM HOLDING THEM WITH MY NON-PHYSICAL BODY. QUIT BEING SO PICKY ALREADY!!!!


Anyway, it occurs to me that I haven't talked much about BAD HAIR DAY, because it doesn't come out until November and I don't want any of you to kill me. But things will soon be happening! Like, I'll be able to show you the cover! (And holy crapsticks, it gives the first one a run for its money. And not a run for its monkey, which I honestly did type the first time and helps to demonstrate why I need edits.) So...without further's the cover copy of BAD HAIR DAY to tide you over.

Senior year is positively hair-raising.

Kate Grable is geeked out to shadow the county medical examiner as part of her school’s pre-med program. Except when he’s arrested for murder, she’s left with the bodies. And when Kate’s brother Jonah stumbles upon a dead gamer girl, she realizes that the zombie epidemic she cured last fall was only the beginning of the weirdness taking over her town. Someone’s murdering kids—something really hairy. And strong. Possibly with claws.

Is it werewolf awesomeness like Jonah and his dorktastic friends think? Kate’s supposed to be a butt-kicking zombie killing genius . . . but if she can’t figure out who’s behind the freakish attacks, the victims—or what’s left of them—are going to keep piling up.

It’s scary. It’s twisted. It’s sick. It’s high school.
And man, I can't wait to hear what you think of it.


Lori M. Lee said...

OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT. I've totally missed Kate lol. The blurb sounds fantastic, and I'm so excited to see the cover! *eee*

Jessica said...

It sounds awesome! I cannot wait to read another Kate adventure...and to see this spectacular cover... (soon?? pleaaaaasssse?)

Suzanne said...

So excited! Yay! So I have to ask: do you write the cover text? (Because, as I've found while trying to write a query, condensing your book down to a couple cleverly written paragraphs is HARD! But yours is GREAT!)

Kelly Polark said...

Sounds awesome!!!

And in college, our carpet sample in our dorm room was basically made of human hair because my roomie and I shed so much and rarely vacuumed. So yes, a bathmat certainly could be made of human hair. :)

Beth S. said...

SOUNDS EPIC! :) Can't wait!

Cate Gardner said...

Sounds fantastic :D

Marsha Sigman said...

LOL. Going to be so hard to wait for it.
I'm pretty sure bathmats can be made out of hair. The one in my teens bathroom looks like it is anyway.

Rebecca Enzor said...

Oh man, that sounds awesome! I can't wait to read it :D

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the cover. You're making me too excited. I might run around the room only to run into the wall out of being so dizzy. haha

Oh, and to read BHD would be super great! Till November. Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Your NON-PHYSICAL body? Pfff. I call shenanigans.....

Unknown said...

Yeah! Sounds fantastic! Can't wait for the cover.

Katie Anderson said...

I'm with Lori. That description sounds AWESOME! So when is this cover being revealed???

Carrie Harris said...

Lori: Comments like that totally make my day. Even if it's a bad hair one. ;)

Jessica: Trust me; I'm ITCHING to share. So much that I need ointment. As soon as I get the go-ahead, you'll know.

Suzanne: I don't! I do write various pitches for the book so that if people ask me what it's about, I don't stutter like an idiot. My editor writes the cover copy, though, and she's BRILLIANT at it. I will confess to stealing phrases for when I talk about the books.

Kelly: I've always had long hair, so I've run into the same problem. SEE!? NOW I HAVE EVIDENCE!

Beth: Mmmm. Ice cream. ;)


Marsha: I know; it's so long. But I'm hoping that I'll have some things coming up that will make the wait a little easier. Keep your fingers crossed!

Rebecca: *happy dance* Thanks so much!

Julia: I can't decide if I'd feel guilty or triumphant if you did that. :)

Anny: Hush, you. (I really hope you are who I think you are. Otherwise pretend I didn't say that.)

Jess: Thanks so much! I hope to be able to show it off soon!

Katie: I dunno! I have to wait until the Powers That Be tell me I'm allowed to show it. I think they're doing some minor tweaks, and then I should get the green light. (Also, EEEEEEEEEE!)

KateCoombs said...

Bathmats out of human hair? What about druid hair (in Joan Aiken's The Serial Garden)? Will look for your Kate books!

Carrie Harris said...

Kate: I haven't read that, but you've got me intrigued! I'll have to check it out!

And thanks for stopping by!

Delchick42 said...

I can't wait to read that! Sounds right up my alley and so fun.

Emily said...

November is a MILLION years away! Well obviously not really, but it still feels like a really long time :) And I totally believe that you were non-physically holding your book (and probably jumping up and down) while you typed! ;)