Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still Alive!

I feel a little like a mad scientist's project, and he's desperately attaching electrodes to my head, and Igor is pedaling the lightning bike like Lance Armstrong's about to overtake him at any minute, and the mad scientist is yelling, "It's ALIIIIVE! Still. Er, I think."

I've really missed blogging and talking with everyone, and I do intend to come back and do it on a regular basis. But, you know, the personal life thing tends to get in the way sometimes. On an extended basis, even.

So here's a quick and dirty update on Carrieland:
  • I'm going to be at Epic ConFusion in Troy, Michigan this weekend! Come see me talk about why the undead are awesome, and how to survive this whole writing thing, and a bunch of other things that I really need to sit down and think about. You know, during my copious free time.
  • There's not so much of that free time going around lately, either, because I just got first pass pages for the next Kate Grable book! You know what that means? We'll have ARCs for BAD HAIR DAY coming out in the next couple of months! And I will give some of them to you. Because you are awesome.
  • These are so freaking cool. I kind of want someone to make a picture of a zombie face out of a copy of BAD TASTE IN BOYS. Sadly, with my artistic skills, the only thing I could manage is a stick figure missing a foot.
  • I'm a proud member of Team Kraken in Change Write Now! (And I did NOT come up with the name. But isn't it the coolest? Our full name is Lets Get Kraken. And my shoulders are really sore, which isn't particularly krakeny of me, is it?
  • You must read this article and learn what the Hoff and Yeti crabs have in common.

What about you? What have YOU been up to?


Tere Kirkland said...

Ooh, I love book sculptures! Thanks for the link. And pass pages for Bad Hair Day? Crazy how time flies!

Hope you have fun at EpicCon!

Lori M. Lee said...

Sooo excited for Bad Hair Day! Have fun at Epic ConFusion, it looks awesome!

storyqueen said...

Welcome back!!

I've missed you...I kinda thought the Hoff might have whisked you away somewhere....

Glad you escaped!