Friday, February 20, 2009

Pack Like the Wind!

We're going to Indiana this weekend. (Why oh why is "Going Back to Cali" stuck in my head now?) Staying in a hotel, hanging with some friends, doing a little training for volunteer type work. And it falls to me to do the packing. Of course it does; Slayer works long hours, and I don't. Rather, he works long hours out of the house and I work long hours IN the house, so really, I'm still the better suited of the two to do the job. And whew was that one heck of a convoluted sentence or what?

Anyway, I know I need to carefully plan what we bring. Twin two-year-olds and a five-year-old come complete with their own messes kinda like Barbie comes with accessories. We need extra clothes for them if we don't want to look like the messy white trash family.

And really, I've had enough of looking like white trash. At the end of my twin pregnancy, I was so huge that even extra-large stuff didn't fit me, and my belly stuck out of the bottom. Honestly? I contemplated a muu-muu. Don't tell anyone, though. It's our little secret.

What I really want to do is take a big handful of stuff and throw it in the bags. What I shall do is more responsible: I'll pick up LITTLE handfuls so that it's not wrinkly when we get there.

And with that, I'm off to try to find photos in our wreck of an office. Why do I promise people pictures and then forget about it until absolutely the last minute?

Answer: Because I am an idiot. But at least I don't look like white trash.


Scillius Maximus said...


Now that's a great picture.

Reminds me of an old Jeff Foxworthy riff except of courseI'm now inserting you Carrie-in-a-Muu-Muu into it:

Carrie in her Muu Muu and pink fuzzy slippers, curlers in her hair, stands out the the Double Wide after the tornado has passed.

An anxious reporter approaches Carrie looking for a first hand account

"So what was it like when tornado went through the trailer park?

"My God! It was PANDELEERIUM!"


K.C. Shaw said...

You could always just make the clones pack for you. Of course you'd end up with seventeen shirts and no pants. Those crazy clones!

Jamie Eyberg said...

I can't imagine traveling any distance with my brood at this point. You are a brave woman. Good luck.

Kelly Polark said...

I would so not trust my husband to pack for the little ones anyway! I'm the packer for us four, but I refuse to pack for my hubby, too. It's a big job! Have a great weekend, Carrie!

C.R. Evers said...

Are you flying? Because if you are . . . I have a suggestion for your next "In the event of famousness" segment. I was flying from LA yesterday and was on the same flight as Jessica Simpson. When I saw her with her super high heels and her entourage of "people" I thought of you. I thought "hmmm. . . in the event of famousness. . . what/who would I bring to the airport and what would I wear? A total "Carrie" post.

Just a thought. :0)

PJ Hoover said...

Really I was that big with only one. At least you had the twin excuse :)
Have a fun trip! And Going back to Cali is an awesome song, that's why!

Fox Lee said...

You could have gone with a toga, you don't even need underwear for those!

Ronald L. Smith said...

Indiana. You'll be close to me here in Chicago. Maybe the song that should be stuck in your head is Going back to Indiana by...wait for it...The Jackson Five!

Oh Noes!

David Ebright said...

Ah ... my kids are all grown so, for us, packing to get on the road is a breeze. Hope you have a great (& safe) trip.

Christina Farley said...

Oh have a blast! And I remember being pregnant with my second and I was HUGE. And I didn't even have twins. Did I get that right that you have twins?

Sherrie Petersen said...

My son was 9 lbs 3 oz so I was enormous right before he was born!

I love Indiana. I remember going there to pick blueberries as a kid (we lived in Ohio). Have a fun time!

Adrienne said...

Pack food and toys! No one notices how kids are dressed - only how they're behaving. And have fun!

Rena Jones said...

I usually have to pack for everyone but my husband. He's on his own. One year we drove to WA. We got to the hotel, opened the back of the van and then realized the boys suitcase was sitting on their bedroom floor in MT. ARGH!

Don't forget their suitcases! ;)

Brenda said...

I couldn't handle traveling with my son who was actually a good kid (thank goodness he never took after me...grin)...I can't imagine traveling with twins, a 5 year old and a hubby...are you insane? grin...

Hope you guys have lots of fun...

Mariah Irvin said...

Alright, I just have to leave a comment about something I know you would appreciate. I was visiting a website called Script Frenzy (a contest to write a 100 page play in the month of April) when I saw a helpful little toolbar made for writers that can't think of interesting plots. Anyways, the current example was "While stealing Girl Scout Cookies, Richard Simmons discovers a shocking use for spray cheese." I'm completely serious. I would read that play, too.

Mariah Irvin said...

Ha! Even better..."In a haunted space station orbiting Pluto, Richard Simmons washes up on the shores of Zombie Island."

Carrie Harris said...

Scillius: I'm sorry to ruin your mental picture, but I only have black fuzzy slippers. I AM a ninja. A pitiful wannabe junior ninja, but a ninja nonetheless. :)

KC: Damned clones. I sent them to remedial packing class, but it still hasn't helped.

Jamie: Actually, the more accurate word is "crazy." Bravery has nothing to do with it.

Kelly: Thanks very much! We did, and I hope you did too!

Christy: Gosh, I haven't done "Famousness" in a long time. I need to get on that! Thanks for the reminder and the idea!

Did you poke Jessica? I totally would have poked her. Not for any particular reason, just so I could bring up in conversation that I once poked Jessica Simpson.

PJ: It is, isn't it? And now I've got it stuck in my head again.

Natalie: I could have, but there were a lot of kids around. That situation has all kinds of potential for scariosity.

Balthazar: I was born in Chicago, but haven't been back there in about forever-and-a-half. I miss it. Even with the Jackson Five reference. ;)

JaxPop: Thanks much! And I look forward to kid-free trips. As much as I love traveling with them now, it'll be nice to be able to use normal sized suitcases again!

Christina: Yep. I was big with my singleton too. You could have seen me from space.

Sherrie: You lived in Ohio? I grew up there. I'm all excited like this is a big deal. Millions of people live in Ohio, but I'm somehow sure that we must have met. ;)

Adrienne: Such a good point. My kids were really good this weekend. I think they may have been replaced by aliens.

Rena: Oh my god. I've had suitcases lost before, which is bad enough... my heart goes out to you. Retrospectively. ;)

Brenda: Am I insane? In one word: yes! In two words: Heck yeah!

Mariah: Are you kidding? I would WRITE that play! Those topics are AWESOME!

Lady Clauson said...

I think my roughest travel with my girls was when they were 7 months old I flew to Cheyene,WY--ALONE. Thats right, the connecting flight was all kinds of fun too. Its quite a spectacle when you have one baby in a snuggly and the other in a stroller while balancing a diaper bag and the car seat for the other baby. Packing was all kinds of not fun too...I had to make sure I had both car seats, a double stroller (I had two umbrella strollers with an attachment so "technically" I had to bring TWO strollers), the pack & play for my girls to sleep in while we were there, NOT TO MENTION the regular ammenities--clothes and what-not. My sis was kind enough to make sure she had diapers at her house when we got there so we didn't have to pack a weeks worth of diapers into the suitcases...

Holy rusted metal, Batman...just telling this story makes me tired. I am sooo grateful that they will be 9 on friday!!!!