Friday, March 13, 2009

Tadpoles! Tadpoles is the Winner!

Sorry. Had a Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey moment there.

Anyway, it's time to announce the winners of the Snarfy Subtitle Contest! We had a total of 131 entries, and you really made it difficult for me to pick a winner. I wish I had the cash available to award multiple prizes, but it's just not feasible right now. I hope that you'll keep coming back for future contests so I can share the wealth, if you call $25 and a bunch of random stuff "wealth," which I just did.

So first, I'd like to announce our 10 finalists.

Adrienne: A Wrinkle in Time: Brainy Kid Gets the IT Kicked Out of Him

Hanna Banana: What to Expect When You're Expecting: If You Don't Know How This Ends, Why Did You Get Pregnant?

Jim Danielson: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Tale of Mushrooming Problems

Kiersten: The Scarlet Letter: The "A" Is NOT for Awesome

Kiersten: Treasure Island: Contains No Muppets

Llehn: Waiting For Godot - The Writer's Essential Guide On Waiting To Hear Back from A Literary Agent (which is not a reflection of my personal experience!! - Carrie)

Mariah Irvin: Rumpelstiltskin: Vertically Challenged Man Steals Children for Funsies

Natalie: Jane Eyre: Ugly People CAN Fall In Love, They Just Have To Go Blind First

Paul Michael Murphy: Carrie or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Prom

Whirlochre: Robinson Crusoe — Have Beard, Will Unravel

And after much hair pulling, soda snarfing, and general amusement, I think I'm going to give this one to Kiersten for The Scarlet Letter: The "A" is NOT for Awesome. Because I won't ever be able to read that book without thinking about the new and improved subtitle.

Kiersten, please email me with your mailing address, gift card of choice (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders) and a choice of stuffed dudes made by yours truly. You can have a ninja, a vampire, or a zombie. I tried to take a picture of them, but I broke the camera. Seriously. How sad is that?

The random bonus prize goes to Mariah Irvin for mentioning my contest on her blog! Mariah, I'll need your address and choice of vampire, ninja, or zombie too.

I'll be doing another contest in the next couple of months; hope you'll come back.


Llehn said...

Congrats Kiersten!

Thanks Carrie for running the contest!! It was way fun!! It was so addictive that I kept checking in everyday to see if there were any new entries! Thanks for the laughs guys and gals!

Hanna Banana said...

Congratulations Kiersten!

Carrie, this contest was SO much fun. I too kept checking for new entries. They had me laughing all day long!

sruble said...

Ha! These are all great. I don't know how you chose.

Jamie Eyberg said...

That one made my wife laugh the hardest as well. Good choice.

Brenda said...

Congrats Kiersten! I agree the entries on this contest were a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Those entries are great! 130+ huh? If I ever start blogging regularly again and attain more than four readers, I shall have to hold contests with cash prizes!

Jim Danielson said...

Kiersten: Your subtitle gets an "A" and this one IS for awesome!

Thanks for a great contest Carrie and all who entered.

Scillius Maximus said...

To add to the growing applause:

Congratulations Kiersten!

& Thanks Carrie. This contest was a blast. I found myself checking in multiple times as well. Oh and you should add in an extra Perseverance Prize for Kiersten. She was like a third of the entries (not making fun here . . . well not much :-), I truly admire the drive/creativity K had. A lot more than me)

Cate Gardner said...

Congrats to the finalists, and to anyone witty enough to come up with anything. I was stumped.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Congrats to all those who won! Those were very funny and made me laugh and smile! Hehe. :)

Good choices, Carrie!

Natalie Whipple said...

YES! Kiersten, you prove you're hilarious once again. Told you:P

Kelly Polark said...

Great contest, Carrie!
Congrats, Kiersten! I thought that was the funniest one too! (and so many made me laugh!)

Kiersten White said...


And Scillius, you absolutely should make fun of me. I'm just relieved I won, otherwise it would have been REALLY embarrassing how obsessive I got about subtitles.

I'm so, so thrilled. Really, it's kind of ridiculous how excited I am. I will email you post-haste, Carrie.

Also, really, all of them were hilarious. What crazy, clever readers this blog has ; )

Adrienne said...

Congrats, Keirsten!
And yippee, I'm a finalist :)

So many of these cracked me up, and Keirsten's Scarlet Letter entry WAS awesome! Fun contest!

Mariah Irvin said...

Sweet! This contest was dasaloff.

I obviously pick ninja...I'm at natalia dot 165 at gmail dot com.


K.C. Shaw said...

They're all good, but I think I agree with you on the Scarlet Letter. It's never been my favorite book anyway, so anything that helps me jeer at it is extra good.

Great contest!

Paul Michael Murphy said...

I liked Kiersten's the best too. Good choice.

Suzanne Casamento said...

YAY! The Scarlett Letter: The "A" is Not For Awesome was my favorite! Great contest Carrie!

Whirlochre said...


Mary Witzl said...

'The A is not for awesome' made me laugh out loud, so I'm glad it's the winner. But Natalie's subtitle on Jane Eyre got me going too, so it was pretty much neck to neck.

Christina Farley said...

What a fun clever contest. I love it! And Kiersten, how clever are you???? Love it! Congrats.