Thursday, March 4, 2010

Answers, Covers, and Lawn Flamingos Revisited

First, the obligatory reminder. I'm running the 100 Special Thirsty Dead Girls contest! Make up silly titles and win five YA books of your very own! And if you just need a laugh but aren't into free books, what's wrong with you? I mean... uh... maybe you should go read the entries. They're quite funny.

Another thing of awesomeness! Congratulations to Amy Holder on her uber awesome, lip dominated cover! I'd say that I'd love to have a cover like that, but I write about zombies. A close up of zombie mouth would probably make people run. Screaming. Something like: "Zombie mouth! Zombie mouth!" because it wouldn't make sense to run screaming from my cover wailing, "Lawn flamingos! Lawn flamingos!"

But on with the questions! Last week, I asked for some questions, and you gave me some! You are awesome. I will beat up anyone who doesn't recognize your awesomeness. Just email me, and I'll send the ninjas, which isn't really ME beating them up, but it's close enough.

My anonymous friend Colin (HAH! Not anonymous any more!), who bought me a Snarf shirt, wants to know: "If ever a ninja clan got infected with the zombie virus, would the planet Earth simply explode out of sheer terror?"

My answer? No.

My longer answer: Because that's not scary. It's awesome. We'd actually be able to see ninja parades, because instead of sneaking around in the shadows, they'd be lurching down the street, moaning, "Lawn flamingos! Lawn flamingos!"

Lisa and Laura, who are putting together some serious April awesomeness, asked: "What are the chances that the Jo Bros are actually some kind of zombie robot hybrid?"

My answer? Low.

My longer answer: No, really. The chances are low. I know this because Left and Right, my twin daughters, have teddy bears that play a medley of Jo Bro songs. So clearly, the Jo Bros are teddy bear robot hybrids (TeBeRoHy). Much less cooler than the zombie robot hybrid(ZoRoHy).

And Larissa, awesomely awesome person that she is, wants to know: "How do you maintain your awesomeness?"

You think I'm awesome? REALLY? Hey, everybody? I'm awesome! I have it in WRITING!

As for how I maintain my awesomeness? I have it in writing. So when I'm at a party, wowing everyone with my geektastic zombie knowledge, I can refer people to Larissa's comment to prove that I really am kewl.

Kewl and awesome are close enough, right?

My short answer: Uh...I dunno.


Kelly Polark said...

Ohhh, I like that shiny cover with the lips!
I have to do some thinking so I can enter your contest!

Stina said...

Never mind kewl and awesome, you're hilarious! Okay, maybe that's part of being kewl and awesome. :D

I have to check out your contest. Problem is I suck at coming up with titles.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Neat cover. I wish I had that talent. Cover-wise and content-wise. in due time I suppose.

Thanks for all the info today, very thorough!

Unknown said...

You don't need validation about being kewl and awesome - no other blogger out there posts hilarious zombie videos. Enough said!

Claire Dawn said...

Wow! That cover is cool!

The real disadvantage of having all these cool debut author friends is that I have to wait millenia to read their books! :(

sruble said...

Just having all that geektastic zombie knowledge makes you awesome. Well that and the fact that your whole lawn is a sea of pink flamingos. (At least that's the way I like to picture your house, surrounded by pink flamingos, just waiting for the zombie ninjas to come and thwack them down.)

seeyouupside said...

Carrie, Its Rachel. That girl who lives under your bed with James Franco? *pokes out from the floor*

I think your cover will be AWESOMETASTIC. It will be bloody, gory, cute and science-y. May include hottie zombie boy. Hmm thats what I am feelin' anyway ;-)


Carolyn V. said...

You are awesome! And I checked out the lip book cover. It rocks. I think you should rethink your ideas about having a zombie mouth on your book. It would terrify me into picking it up off the shelf! Spooky!

Fox Lee said...

Zombie ninjas: the answer to most of life's problems.

Mariah Irvin said...

Ah, lawn flamingos.

Larissa said...


*screams and faints*

lisa and laura said...

You crack us up. As always.

And holy crap I have COVER ENVY. I want a shiny new cover to flaunt dammit!

Amy Holder said...

You are HA-larious!!!

Thanks so much for the cover art shout-out! I owe you one now! Perhaps I should get you a lawn flamingo?

Lacey J Edwards said...

Woohoo, sexy lips!
I have to agree with the above. Carrie, you are made of awesome. I shall now go and attempt to come up with quirky titles.