Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pay It Forward Author Interviews - Amy Holder

Have you heard? This week is an Official Week of Awesomeness, because I'm participating in Pay It Forward Week! This little baby is the brainchild of Elana Johnson, she of the awesomesauce e-book, and LiLa Roecker, my future partners in the Midwest Writing and Armwrestling Awesomeness Tour. The concept is simple: all this week, 15 of us pre-pubbed author types are interviewing fellow debuts about Issues of Importance. I'm talking things like "Do you ever feel like giving up?" and "Do you like M&Ms?" That's right, baby, these are things that will help YOU in your writing.

BTW, were you aware that LiLa is supposed to put up an interview with moi today?!? Go! Visit! Bask in my geekness! Read the inevitable zombie reference!

Today's interview is with the lovely, talented Amy Holder, and I'm not just calling her lovely and talented because we're twins. Seriously, the resemblance is INSANE. We have all the important things in common, like our love for pickles. Not bread and butter, DILL. And Halloween. And other things you're not allowed to know about yet.

Trust me. I'd tell you if I could. But it's verboten for the moment.

Anyway! Amy's made of awesome! Don't believe me? Well, she's got an awesome cover! And read THIS!

1. Tell us about your book. (Notice how I'm royalty now? I'm not "me," I'm "us." I'm waving at you right now. Hand hand elbow elbow style, even. OoOoH!)
THE LIPSTICK LAWS will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in the spring of 2011.

After April Bowers is befriended by queen bee Britney Taylor, she finds that popularity and Britney's friendship come with a price. How much is April willing to pay without losing herself in the process?

2. Can you tell us a little about your road to publication? (And by "us," this time I mean me and all my loyal subjects.)
I was very lucky to be picked up by the first and only publisher I submitted THE LIPSTICK LAWS to. Before you start booing at me, I should add that I tried to get published in both the picture book and middle-grade book markets for several years prior, resulting in lots of rejection letters. The quick sale of my first young adult novel was due partly to luck, studying the market, and honing my writing skills after a lot of practice. Also, I think changing the genre and age group I was writing for helped me get out of the dreaded rejection rut.

3. Was there ever a time you felt like giving up? Why didn't you?
Surprisingly, I never considered giving up an ultimate option. Sure, I may have said it through gritted teeth once or twice, but never truly meant it. Before beginning my journey, I prepared myself for blood, sweat, tears and rejections... so it wasn't a surprise or deterrence when all but bloodshed (thank goodness) happened. That's not to say that I didn't get frustrated, doubt my abilities, or question whether or not I'd ever make it in the publishing industry. I definitely did all of the above, as do most writers at some point. However, the nice thing about writing is you can still be a writer without being a published author. My goal was to get published, but my passion was to write... and I knew that even if there was a chance that I'd never reach my goal, I could still fulfill my passion as a hobby. I believe a true writer writes regardless of the outcome; getting published is icing on the cake. Rejections along the way make that icing taste even sweeter in the end.


Thanks, sunshine! Sending you hugs and pickles.

Still cannot believe she was accepted by the first publisher she submitted to. I mean, now that I know her, I believe it, but I couldn't before. Anyway, visit Amy on the web at:


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Linda G. said...

Another good interview, Carrie. :)

Amy, I don't hate you for your instant success with THE LIPSTICK LAWS. Much.

Nah, really I salute you. You paid your dues with other books, so you earned your place on the shelves. :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

What a great philosophy -- getting published is just the icing on the cake for writing. Congratulations, Amy!

Unknown said...

That cover is awesome! Congrats to Amy. Now I'm off to read Carrie's interview at LiLa which I'm sure is also awesome. :)

Samantha Bennett said...

Congrats to Amy! I'm glad you both share similar loves. Maybe you can dress up as pickles on Halloween. :)

Stephanie Damore said...

Loved the quote about writers writing regardless of the outcome--so true. Congrats and good luck with both of your debuts.

Kathy McCullough said...

I think Amy's success also proves she really found her voice. Also that her book is great, of course! And, yes, the cover is AWESOME!

Carolyn V. said...

Sweet interview! I can't wait to read the book. =)

Anita Saxena said...

Love the shiny lips! Thanks for sharing your journey Amy.

Elana Johnson said...

Blood, sweat, and rejections. Soooo true! I love your cover, Amy. Great interview Carrie. :)

Amy Holder said...

Thanks for all the nice comments!
And thanks for interviewing me, Carrie!

I love Samantha's idea of dressing up as pickles on Halloween. :)

Kim Harrington said...

Yeah, Amy!

Great interview, Carrie. :)

Unknown said...

Changing age groups can be huge! Congratulations Amy, and that really is a great cover.

Have you ever lived in the deep South? I went to school with an Amy Holder in junior high, and you look so familiar.

PJ Hoover said...

I love that she never considered giving up and I love the cover!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Mmmm. Dill pickles = love.

I can't wait to read THE LIPSTICK LAWS :)

Larissa said...

Seriously. That cover is SOMETHING ELSE.

OMG - I love dill pickles, too! Sweet/bread and butter pickles are abominations in the eyes of pickledom. Just sayin.

Awesome as always, Carrie. :)

Alissa Grosso said...

Great interview, ladies! And regarding the really important part of this interview, why do they even make bread and butter pickles? Does anyone actually eat those things?

Unknown said...

Yay for Amy! Though I think you're both crazy for liking dill....

And PS: AWESOME cover, Amy!

lisa and laura said...

I love this--However, the nice thing about writing is you can still be a writer without being a published author. My goal was to get published, but my passion was to write...Fabulous interview!

~Jamie said...

I can't get over how much I LOVE that cover, and now that I've read the description, I HAVE to read that book!!

Amy Holder said...

Yay!!! Thanks so much for all the comments and cover compliments! This made my day!

A.B.- Nope, I never lived in the deep south. Although people tell me that I look so familiar all the time... perhaps there's an Amy Holder twin out there that I'm unaware of. Hopefully she likes pickles. :)

Claire Dawn said...

Yay! Fantastic interview! Fantastic author! 2011, hurry up! I mean, what's a girl supposed to read til then? :S