Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bacon Bits and Chest Hair. (I don't understand me either.)

Can someone explain to me what's up with all the bacon related products? Because I was totally on board with the Tactical Bacon. The concept makes sense to me. People in the throes of a zombie invasion deserve bacon too, and the only way they'll get any is if it's in a shelf stable can. I'm all about supporting that cause.

But they lost me at bacon infant formula. The fact that it's waiting list only frightens me.

And then... there's this. Words cannot even express how hard I laughed at this one. It's the BA-K 47.

Yes, I'm a gun. Made out of bacon. I don't get me either.

What's next? A lifesize bacon statue of him?!?

I only WISH my chest hair were made from bacon bits. But doesn't everyone?

Somebody please explain this to me. PLEASE.


Scillius Maximus said...


This picture makes me wonder if it can use 7.62 Canadian Bacon

Candyland said...

Bacon is trying to take over the world.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I have heard that the BA K-47 is lethal at up to 500 yards. Quite an impressive piece of hardware.

Alissa Grosso said...

I don't get the sudden surge in bacon popularity either, but then I'm a vegetarian. That said I do like some of those hot pink colored Bacos on my salad, nothing like unnatural knockoffs of meat products with an otherwise healthy salad.

C. Michael Fontes said...


Ok, so on the bacon kick... if you go to, it adds a giant strip of bacon to your site. Why? I don't know. Funny? Absolutely!

Check out your blog!

Suzanne Casamento said...

My friend, GB, has an obsession with bacon. He brought me bacon mayo, sent me links to bacon ice cream and peant butter and bacon bites.

Whenever I invite him to dinner he asks if there will be bacon in it.

Perhaps he's behind the BA K 47. I will investigate...

K. M. Walton said...

Well, bacon is a crispy and delectable meat snack with many purposes -- some obvious, such as sandwiches and breakfast accompaniment. While other purposes are far less duh-ish, but just as bacony-good, like per say, chest-hair-bacon-bits and the machine gun.

All bacon is all good.

Unknown said...

I don't really get it either, but then again, I'm not much of one for breakfast meats unless it's country ham on a biscuit.

Maybe because it's "forbidden" in so many people's diet?

Bish Denham said...

Looks like to me somebody's got a lot of time on their hands...Maybe if they visited a slaughter house they'd weep and do something more endearing/enduring, like the Mona Lisa.

Kelly H-Y said...

Hilarious ... and a tad scary!

Kelly Polark said...

I haven't eaten bacon since I attempted to eat the BLT with a pound of bacon on it over spring break. I seriously can't eat it anymore (of course this will change eventually...).

Kate Hart said...

I KNOW the guy that made that gun! Or one exactly like it, but really, how many BA K-47s can their be?

More importantly, why am I bragging about knowing him? LOL

Anonymous said...

@ Scillius: pssh, it's high cap and mag fed, it's illegal in Canada. And as far as I'm concerned, they can keep their freakin' ham.

@ Suzanne: Your friend's better off behind the BA-K than in front of it.

@ Carrie: Guys would CONSTANTLY be eating their own chest hair if it was made out of bacon. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'm willing to find out. Nom nom nom.