Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day for Entries!

It's the last day for entries into the BTIB Sugar Lips ARC contest, and the competition is fierce! Like the kind of fierce that puts sugar on the DOG.

Need some ideas? Take a look at what these sugar-lippish geniuses have done!

Cari has sugar lips AND a public service announcement:

Bookluvr Mindy has a bunch of very hyperactive sugar lippy children...and don't get me started on the dog:

If you're widget impaired like me, you can write a blog post like my fellow undead Spice Girl, Mummy.

I'll accept entries until midnight tonight, EST. Even if all you do is change your twitter icon or put the cover in your sidebar, you're still entered to win--and that's EASY. So what're you waiting for? Go here to submit your entries.


Unknown said...

WE ARE SO CLOSE TO RELEASE DAY!!!! I'm over the moon! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! It's been far too long since we've chatted!!!

Lesley said...

Great entries! I love the public service announcement, very cute. The font is perfect too. :)

Vikki said...

LOVE the sugar lippy children (and Mindy is a brave one. Sugar + children = omg, get me a valium and a bottle of rum).

Anonymous said...

Awesome widgeties! :)

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