Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Day for Night of the Giving Dead!

You people astound me.

I don't have final numbers yet, but I think we're hovering around the $7000 mark for Night of the Giving Dead. Think of how many books that means for kids who really need them. HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY.

There are still a few items left for today, including some great signed books and an ARC pack that I REALLY want. I also got some notes from people yesterday who REALLY wanted critiques but got outbid at the last minute. So as a thank you from me, I'm offering BONUS CRITIQUES. There are three of them closing throughout the day today, and since they're only open for one day, they should be affordable. I hope you'll bid on them.

And don't forget to fill out the grand prize form! I'll be drawing winners of the Kindle and mentorship tomorrow!

As a parting shot...this is what it's like to see me speak live. You can do that at the Kerrytown Bookfest here in Ann Arbor in September. More deets later!


Kelly Jensen said...

Congrats! $7000 is huge!

(I'm also still laughing that you didn't even BUY the chewed book).

LinWash said...

Congrats on raising that amount.
Carrie, your book is hilarious! I'm enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kelly - $7,000 is huge, congratulations! You must feel awesome. ;) And I love that photo...! xD

Janet Johnson said...

Wow, very cool! Congrats on such a successful fundraiser!

Julie said...

That's an amazing amount! Congrats!
Also, I loved your book. I read it yesterday. The whole thing. Kate is one of the strongest heroines I've ever read, and I love that!

Ray Veen said...

I feel jealous that you didn't bite my copy of BTIB. I think you owe me a bite.

Carrie Harris said...

Kelly: It wasn't chewed! Just... slightly teethed.

LinWash: EEEEEEE! I'm so glad you're liking it!! *happy dance* Thanks for telling me too--I will NEVER get tired of hearing that. :)

Taylor: I'm so lucky to have readers that humor me. HAH!

Janet: Thank you so much! There's still time to enter the grand prize if you haven't already! What can I say...I like giving things away.

Julie: AAAAAAAAAA! I'm so happy that you loved Kate! I really wanted to see what SHE could do, brain versus zombie. Because that makes me snarf.

Ray: You could bite it, you know. No one would ever know the difference.

Karen said...

Awesome event for a truly great cause. I hope you do it again next year.