Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bacon Parties 101

I get a lot of requests for bacon parties. We threw one a year-ish ago--it was a Roast of David Hasselhoff/Bacon Party. Because nothing goes better together than pork products and Baywatch jokes. The thing I like the most about bacon parties is...well, the bacon. But the second thing I like is that it's relatively easy to put one together. Here are a few bits of advice that I'd like to pretend is sage:Link
  • Obviously, the most important thing is the bacon! Here are some of my favorite bacon related staples (mmmm....bacon staples....):
  • Cream cheese and bacon dip
  • Bacon wrapped water chestnuts
  • German potato salad
  • Bacon cornbread
  • Maple and bacon cupcakes
  • Chocolate covered bacon...with sprinkles, of course
  • Under no circumstances should you try (unless there is someone you secretly hate at said party):
  • Bacon jellybeans
  • Bacon soda (shudder)
  • Bacon vodka
  • Bacon gum
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's worth it to have something non-bacon on the table. We served raw vegetables with the bacon dip, but I noticed some people eating them plain to give their cholesterol a break.
  • You CAN decorate with bacon. I've heard of people buying bacon dolls and cardboard standups and things, but I made a centerpiece of bacon roses. There are a lot of bacon rose tutorials out there, some of which require the use of a drill!?! It's against my religion to drill with bacon. I just wrapped mine in a vaguely rose-shaped spiral, secured with toothpicks, and baked. Then I stuck them onto some wooden skewers and made leaves out of pipe cleaners.

And now I'm hungry.


Kelly Jensen said...

bacon jellybeans *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, another bacon lover.

storyqueen said...

I am hungry, too! I just read a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with bacon chunks in them....I just don't know how I feel about that.

Love the bacon roses!


Sara Raasch said...

I henceforth move that all Valentine's Days should be celebrated by giving your loved one a dozen bacon roses.

Tere Kirkland said...

Those are some delicious looking roses... *drools*

Maple bacon cupcakes are my husband's favorites. A place nearby makes praline bacon for brunch, and it is divine!

Beth S. said...

Throwing my hat in the ring here and telling you about the wonders of maple bacon ICE CREAM! Yes. You heard me. Ice cream. I've made it. And it's delicious. I'd almost be so bold to say that it's the best ice cream I've ever made.

I even did a post about it on my blog:

I'll have to make you some when you come to my school since I promised you ice cream :p (hopefully my principal will give me an answer on this soon. I asked her the day after the Laini Taylor event).

Katie said...

No bacon sandwiches with Baconnaise (bacon-flavored mayo)? I'm surprised.

Kim Harrington said...

I was in a store the other day and they sold a bumper sticker that just said: BACON. I laughed so hard.

Anonymous said...

I posted it once, and I'll post it again - BA-K-47.

Apparently there are now Bacon AT-AT Walkers.

Good God, there's also a a Bacon Bazooka. That sounds dirty. Dirty and delicious.

[PG warning on this next one, if you're a nerd. Or have kids that are nerds. Fine, this clip says the word "penis," okay? Big deal.]
Turkey bacon can get the hell out of here, but Turk-y bacon is a different story entirely.

Pabkins said...

wow this sounds disturbingly delicious
Pabkins @ Mission to Read

JessWiz said...

Pig Candy

1 lb. bacon
1 pkg. lil' smoky cocktail wieners (NOT the kind in a can)
1/3 cup brown sugar
Ground black pepper

Cut bacon slices in half. Wrap each cocktail weenie in a half slice of bacon. Skewer with a toothpick. Place on sheet pan (best put foil on it first). When all meat is wrapped and stabbed, sprinkle with brown sugar and black pepper. Pat lightly with hands to get it to stick. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 mins or until bacon is cooked. Let cool for five minutes and serve.

I'd say it's like buttah. But it's like BACON!