Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monster Bash Interview Smash: Dahlia Deranged

For our first Monster Bash feature, I'm supermegauber stoked to introduce you to Dahlia Deranged, who makes some of the awesomest creature-themed accessories in the universe. I WANT TO OWN THEM ALL, MY PRECIOUS. Seriously, you guys have to help me choose, because I can't do it. Like, if I was a dragon, I would horde everything in this woman's Etsy store. That doesn't sound creepy, does it?

*twitch twitch*

Edward Scissorhands necklaces make it all better. That's why I NEED one.

Anyway. Dahlia was kind enough not to think I'm a total creeper AND to answer some questions about all things monstery. You need to learn all about her and visit her store and buy me things. Or buy yourself things, but don't tell me about that because I'll be really jealous.

Oh yeah. I was supposed to be introducing the interview, wasn't I?

LA CARRIE: I start planning for Halloween in November, and something tells me you're a fan of the holiday too. Tell us about one of your best costume moments.

DAHLIA DERANGED: Well let's see, since I was a wee little ghoul, I've almost always dressed as a vampire for Halloween. There have been a couple times, around the ages of five or six, I steered off the vampiric path and decided to be a Jack-o-Lantern and then a Zombie the year after that. My best costume moment was about two years ago, my friend and I decided to be vampires, again. My friend is a fantastic make-up artist and transformed me into a "Lost Girl." A little spin-off of the "Lost Boys." I think I'd have to say that was my best costume moment. I looked so real that, it might sound a little odd, but I was craving some blood!

File under Things That Are Bloody and Awesome.

LA CARRIE: I love the Lost Boys. "Marco, what's going on?" MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE AGAIN. Anyway. I think monsters + jewelry = PURE GENIUS. Tell us a little about your first piece and how you got started.

DAHLIA DERANGED: My first official piece was the Skull and Crossbones Rhinestone Ring. It sits on a baroque setting on a bed of Swarovski rhinestones with an adjustable backing. However, I have always made bracelets, keychains and odd little crafts since I was about six or seven. As I got older, I was very much inspired by my favorite designer Betsey Johnson to make wearable and affordable statement pieces. I've always had a crazy imagination and wanted to bring my twisted imagination to life and I believe that Betsey Johnson proved that it is possible. Having a passion for jewelry and an undying love for all things horror, gothic and macabre, it was only natural for me start creating these pieces but with a dark twist. I've also always admired the idea that you can take a boring outfit and make it into something fabulous by adding a few embellishments....twisted embellishments that is. Everything was just pointing me in this direction and it was only natural for me to make pieces and accessorize peoples' dark sides.

Skull plus rhinestones = THIS SHOULD BE ON MY HAND

LA CARRIE: Sparkly vampires--thumbs up or down and why?

DAHLIA DERANGED: No, no. Thumbs way down. In fact, if I may borrow your thumbs we can do four thumbs down. Sparkly vampires are just not okay. Bram Stoker and I are not having it. There is a difference between Glam Vampires- sexy, put-together, red lipstick etc- and "sparkly" vampires. Real vampires do not sparkle in the sun.

This sparkles in the sun, and it is AWESOME.

LA CARRIE: If you could choose three people--alive, dead, imaginary, whatever--to be on your zombocalypse survival team, who would you pick?

DAHLIA DERANGED: I'd have to pick my main ghouls Pinhead, Bela Lugosi and Beetlejuice. I think I'd have one hell of a team with these three guys. The zombies are gonna have a bad time.

It's a flask. Shaped like a coffin. With Poe on it. I think it would make the zombocalypse bearable.

LA CARRIE: Speed round! Tell us your favorite...

 - MONSTER BOOK: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein  
 - MONSTER MOVIE: Little Monsters (Maurice counts as a Monster!)
 - CREATURE: Frankenstein. It's got to be Frankenstein. I hold him so dear to my heart.
- PIECE YOU'VE DESIGNED: (Yeah, I know. It's like asking you to pick a favorite child. I'm MEAN.) I have to say, The Monstrosity Necklace. It's a necklace and a pet in one, you just can't go wrong.


LA CARRIE: Where can people find you? I'm talking internet links, not your address. I'm not into enabling stalkers. 

DAHLIA DERANGED: Ha! Well they can definitely find me on This links directly to my Etsy shop that I check hourly. Also Dahlia Deranged Design's Facebook page ( is a great place to keep up to date with new pieces and exclusive offers and it wouldn't hurt to check out my Instagram @dahliaderanged. There you can find projects that I like to do in my spare time and sneak peeks on new pieces! And last but not least, some of my pieces can be found on and

Because Day of the Dead and hair fascinators go together like chocolate and peanut butter.

LA CARRIE: Now I have to get back to agonizing. Do I want Poe or the Bride of Frankenstein or the TEETH? If I wore them all at once, that would be overkill, right?

DAHLIA DERANGED: You want all three and I'll tell you why. I think everyone is entitled to wear whatever they like. If you want to wear the Bride of Frankenstein necklace and a Poe necklace, I don't see the harm in that. They all reflect an undying love for all things horror and you can never, ever have enough of horror.

LA CARRIE: So so so true. Thank you so much for visiting us! And readers, if you're looking for an inspiration piece for Halloween or a gift for the monsterphile in your life, you should absofrickinglutely check out Dahlia's shop!

Also, don't forget--we're ramping up to the release of BAD HAIR DAY and BAD YETI in early November! One random commenter on a Monster Bash post will win a full set of signed Grable books! Comment below and tell me which Dahlia piece you like the best so I can drool over it with you.


Lori M. Lee said...

Wooow, those are awesome. The Edward Scissorhands necklace is definitely my fav.

Jessica said...

Whoa. I need to do some shopping for my sister (she would LOVE ALL THE THINGS!!) for Christmas STAT. Personally, I think I love the Octopus necklace best.
Very cool. :)

Mercedes said...

Everything in her store shall be mine! Bwa ha!

M.A.D. said...

I want them ALL!! <3
MWHA HA HA HA (will share with Mercedes lol)
These are all so creepily gorgeous, and I think the Bride of Frankenstein is probably my favorite - if I must pick just one ;D