Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monster Bash Party Smash - Halloween Playlist

I love Halloween parties. One time, I went to a party where this guy was dressed up as a Twister board and kept going up to all the girls and shouting, "Right hand on yellow! Right hand on yellow!" This has nothing to do with why I love Halloween parties, but I thought it was funny. Anyway. Parties. The one thing about Halloween parties that sometimes gets me down is the music. Yes, I love the Monster Mash. OF COURSE I DO. But do we really need to play it at every single Halloween event in the universe? We do not. Because there are tons and tons of monster themed songs to choose from, and chances are pretty good that you haven't heard of them. So this year, instead of going to Target to buy one of the same old same old Halloween mixes for your party or to play outside the house while the kids are trick-or-treating, try out something different.

The following playlist is full of Halloween music, most of it campy and ridiculous because that's how I roll. If you're looking for scary thrash metal, this is not for you. (If all the neon pink and green didn't clue you in already.) People with small children, please take the time to go through the playlist before sitting them down to listen! There are a few bad words and people hitting people with mops and bloody yuck and people shooting zombies in the head. Even the little kids. That's a lyric from a song, so you don't need to call the men in white coats.

Music Playlist at

Let me know what you think of the music! What songs do you like the best? Remember, one random commenter on any Monster Bash post will win a signed collection of all three Grable books. WOOT.


Unknown said...

Dude. Halloween Music. BRILLIANT IDEA.
::Hits repeat::

Kelly Polark said...

Okay , that was just awesome. I'm going to add a few of these to my Spooky Song Playist (yep, I have one!).

Here's a few from mine: Vampires will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance, Dragula by Rob Zombie, Psycho by Puddle of Mud, Scream by Avenged Sevenfold and Psychosocial by Slipknot. :)