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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things That Make Me Snarf - Footloose Fail

Do you need a little inspiration to reach your weekly goals? Never fear; Carrie's here with snarfish videos to stimulate your creativity. Or something.

Yeah, I'm a mean person. I laughed out loud at that.


Alissa said...

Great video, thanks for the funny this morning!

Carolyn V. said...

Ouch! Totally Footloose fail!

JenE said...

Thanks, Carrie!! I laughed out loud, too! (I guess that makes me mean also??)

Claire Dawn said...

It's 11 pm. I'm in a hotel with paper thin walls. I know I'm going to get a call from the front desk in a minute. Can't. Stop. Laughing!!!

Oh, you might like this too :)

Claire Dawn said...

Btw, I'm still totally tempted to go dancing in the streets :)

Taffy said...

Now that's funny!

Rose Cooper said...

That WAS funny! Can always count on your for a good laugh!

Are YOU ready for Mayhem?

Marsha Sigman said...

That was just sad.
I hope he didn't get hurt.

Ok, ok, I'm lying. It was funny.

Anonymous said...

For some reason that reminded me of the clip from The Office regarding Parkour!

Other fails I enjoy:

Thankfully it's just a Smoke Grenade.

Bet he won't do that again.

***Don't watch this one with the kiddies around*** - Batman Toy Fail

Okie said...

lol...awesome. :)

Indigo said...

I'm still chuckling. Thanks for the smile. (Hugs)Indigo


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