Friday, October 3, 2008

Things That Make Me Snarf - He-Man

You thought I forgot this week, didn't you? Oh no. Carrie doesn't forget the snarf. Carrie may refer to herself in third person from time to time, but she'd NEVER forget the snarf.

There used to be a whole website full of these online somewhere, including one in which Skeletor was breakdancing and another in which He-Man and She-Ra had a romantic interlude, but this is the only one I could find. I particularly like the music in the background; it makes me think of the Chipmunks slam dancing.

I've collected a lot of things in my life, but not He-Man. My neighbor used to have some of the He-Man stuff, including a very disturbing little gladiator skirt, and when we'd play He-Man, he kept trying to save me but I refused. Because really, how can you hold your head up high at grade school when you've got to be saved by a guy in a plastic skirt?

Anyway, I DID collect Star Wars stuff, Michael Jackson trading cards (I know, I know), Grease collectors cards, and fairy figurines. Now, I collect silly sentences in foreign languages. I've learned many of them phonetically, so if you happen to speak the language in question, I apologize if I completely mangled the spelling. Anyway, I leave you with some of my favorites:

Vas e plus fort, mon petit cochon d'amour.
Which is French for: Do it to me harder, my little love pig.

Der straussenbaum wird mit kartoffelsalat.
Which is German for: The streetcar is full of potato salad.

Ne smete se me dotikati tukaj.
Which is Slovenian for: Don't touch me there.

Gobive mobe thobe Doborobitobos!
Which is Obbish for: Give me the Doritos!

Edited to add: If only I knew a sentence that uses the phrase "Batman eyebrows." And thanks to Cate for pointing out that, duh, on the first day of my Batbrow Campaign (BBC), I neglected to mention it. This is what I get for writing my posts in advance.

I've already jumped up three spots in the BBC! I may have to make a run for first place if this keeps up.


Cate Gardner said...

I detect no mention of Batman's eyebrows.

Carrie Harris said...

Yeah. Um... can you tell that I wrote this one in advance. Must... edit... immediately. :)

Scillius Maximus said...

"Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes"

Latin for "If you can read this you're over educated"

Erik said...

What were they throwing down with, some sort of 2-headed mutant Spider-Man?

Jamie Eyberg said...

I don't know any foreign tongues, except the ones I met in college ;)
As far as the He-Man skit goes- someone had way to much time to kill. My brother would appreciate the music though.

Stephanie Perkins said...

Snarf, snarf, snarf indeed! LOVE this: "The streetcar is full of potato salad."

Trying to figure out how I can work it into a conversation today. Doesn't even have to be in German, I just wanna say it.

This is my personal favorite: "Bailo con una langosta."

Yeah. I dance with a lobster.

Carrie Harris said...

Skilli: I need a bumper sticker that says that. :)

Erik: I have no clue who that is. I'm not sure if he's one of those low-end bad guys that I can't remember or if he's a dime store ripoff that dismembers easily. And why do I find that phrase funny? I have no clue.

Jamie: Ack! You went to college with walking tongues? ;)

Stephanie: Hey, who doesn't? Those Hispanic lobsters know how to tango. Snarf.

Fox Lee said...

What, no Chinese? ; )

Katey said...

I'm here to suggest the episode of Robot Chicken with Mol-Arr, the Eternian Dentist coming for Skeletor.

(I collected She-Ra. There was only one dude, and She-Ra always saved HIM, so it was cooler. Or that's what I tell myself.)

Tiny T said...

I remember one line of Spanish from high school that was the hit around school to say :)

"Hay una fiesta en mi pantalones y te invito!"

Translates as: There is a party in my trousers and I invite you!"

Although here is a funnier one for you to use in your blogs....

"¡Batman santo de las cejas!"

Translates as: Holy eyebrows Batman!! :D

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I swear I will never refer to Doritos as anything other than Doborobitobos ever again.

Carrie Harris said...

Natalie: Do you have a good Chinese sentence for me? I need one!

Katey: Of course She-Ra was better. She had Ookla (or however the heck you spell it).

T: I'm adding "holy eyebrows, Batman" to my list of favorites. Starting now. :)

Kate: It's fun to say, isn't it?

K. M. Walton said...

He-Man is snarftastic, indeed. Good to hear you collected Star Wars stuff,too. I still have all of my Empire Strikes Back stuff from 8th grade. Hundreds of trading cards, the sheets, metal pencil cases, etc... and the cherry on top - the fond memory of when I went to school in Princess Leah buns.

Two reasons why this is bad, really bad.

1. It was not Halloween
2. Did I mention I was in 8th grade?

K.C. Shaw said...

He-Man! Someone else already mentioned Robot Chicken so I won't (er, I just did). Personally, my favorite cartoon growing up was GI Joe. I have no idea why.

I used to know how to say a truly filthy phrase in Spanish, but mercifully for us all I've forgotten most of it.

sruble said...

"The streetcar is full of potato salad." Ha! Love that one!!

I had a Heman cake in HS. My mom didn't want to buy it for me. She thought I was being a disagreeable teenager because we were getting a store bought cake at the last minute. It took a lot to convince her that I really wanted it, that Heman was hilarious, and that I'd always remeber that cake. Gotta thank my mom again for that one!

Vikki said...


You collected Michael Jackson trading cards???? SO DID I! I've never spoken of it until now...the shame was such a burden. But now I!

Hey, cool blog!!!

Carrie Harris said...

KM: You know what's sad? I did the Leia buns too. Only mine wouldn't stay in, so I was lopsided mutant Leia. :)

KC: I never got into GI Joe. Or the Thundercats either. I was more of a Fraggle Rock girl.
(Yeah, they weren't on at the same time, so these sentences don't really follow, but pretend that they do.)

sruble: My birthday is coming up. I want a He-Man cake. I seriously think I might get one.

Vivi: You didn't! It's like you're my long-lost sister or something! I still remember how excited I got when I finally got one of the cards with the silver sequined glove on it. Because my cousin got them all, and I kept getting the cards with the old Michael and his nose.

sruble said...

My birthday is coming up too, but I have no idea where to get a He-Man cake anymore. The cake decorator would have to know what He-Man looks like ... Ooh, what about a Skeletor cake? Maybe I can find a picture online and take it in to have on my cake. Mwahahahaha :)

Brenda said...

De wenkbrauwen van Batman tonen

Dutch for:

Batman's eyebrows are showing

Carrie Harris said...

sruble: Heck, I'll get a cake, bake it, and stick little He-Man guys all over it. I don't care. :)

Brenda: I think now I need a collection just for Batman-related sentences. HAH! I didn't have a Dutch one, either, so mucho thanks.

sruble said...

Well that would be a fun cake too. Maybe I'll get some Skeletor figurines to put on my cake this year. :0)

The original He-Man cake was an airbrushed picture of He-man. It was so cool. I'll have to see if I can find a picture, although if there is one, my parents probably have it.

Ronald L. Smith said...

That video is one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

I'm now scarred for life.

Thanks, Carrie.

Kelly Polark said...

I didn't know that HeMan liked thrasher music! Sacre bleu!
And...I just had my hair in Princess Leia buns Friday night...not kidding!

SlayerOfBees said...

I guess I wan't have to ask you what kind of cake to get/make this year. I'll have our little man do the airbrushing - I can only imagine what a 4 year-old's rendition of a quasi-homoerotic muscle-bound medieval superhero would be. When I have him do it, I'll leave out the homesexual undertones from the explanation/description of He-Man.