Monday, April 4, 2011

Want To See Me?

Are you getting sick of all these announcements and things? Let me know--I can post them on my site instead of here if it's getting to be too much.

Attention Michiganders, Toledoans, and crazy people who like to drive long distances! I'll be appearing at the Manchester District Library next Sunday, April 10th from 2 to 3. And there will be cookies. If you're a blog reader, make sure to come up and introduce yourself so that I can squeal over you appropriately. Check out the fancy dancy press release I wrote:


Zombies are everywhere—lurching into hit movies, populating bestselling books, and invading schools across the country through the popular game Zombie Tag. Debut Saline author Carrie Harris will bring zombie fever to the Manchester District Library on April 10, 2011 from 2 to 3 PM, with a reception to follow.

In this program, Carrie will discuss survival strategies for the zombocalypse, explain the science of the undead, and give attendees an inside look at recent and upcoming zombie book releases with a focus on literature for teens.

Carrie is an expert on all things brain-related; she used to work at a lab in which human brains really did sit in jars on the counters. It only seemed natural for her to write a zombie book—BAD TASTE IN BOYS, which will hit the shelves in July from the Random House teen imprint, Delacorte Press. A sequel will be published in 2012, with a third book to follow the next year. She is also the president of the Class of 2k11, a group of debut authors for middle grade and teen readers.


Unknown said...

Hows abouts you visit some place like... I don't know... ahem... Houston? Cuz that'd be like totally cool and all. I'd get to see my best zombie pal... I mean maybe we could even get together and I'd make some bacon. I don't know... just think about it.

Anonymous said...

If this appearance goes well, and you play your cards right, maybe you can open for Charlie Sheen.

Tiny T said...

*Jumps up and down while tossing sparkling confetti*

Hanna Banana said...

I wish you would come to Columbus :(

Mercedes said...

So when are you flying out to speak in Vegas? Huh? Cuz I'm lazy and can't drive that far to see you. :P